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    Question Is a name *just* outside the Top 100 really THAT popular?

    Hi Berries! I am 22 weeks pregnant with my first (a boy), and while my husband and I started talking about baby names on our 3rd date over 13 years ago, naming an *actual* baby is proving to be much harder than we anticipated!

    All of the names on our old favorite list (Alden (pr: all-den), Elliott, Jasper, Ephraim, Simon) have been vetoed for one reason or another. Our Top 3 for girls (just in case!) are Celia (cee-lee-uh), Mira (meer-uh) and Caia (kie-uh). I love each of these names for their meaning, their uniqueness (none are above #600), and the fact that they are established yet underused names with history.

    Our Top 3 for boys is currently non-existant! At this point, I'd be happy to have a Top 1...just 1 name that we both agree has the potential to be THE name. I am so frustrated with our lack of any sort of boy list that I am tempted to go against my long-standing rule of not choosing a name above #250.

    So far, my husband really loves the names Asher (#108), Emmett (#186) and Oliver (#73). Out of the 3, I have a connection to Asher. It's an old testament name, has a cute nickname (Ash), was a character in one of my favorite books (The Giver), is easy to pronounce and spell, and has a wonderful meaning. When I told my husband that Asher means "blessed, fortunate and happy", he said "That's exactly what I want for our son." ((LOVE))

    My dilemma is: do I love it enough to look past the fact that it's at #108 and climbing?? Will my son be one of 2-3 Ashers in his grade/class for his entire school career? As a Kimberley of the 80's, I am not thrilled about the prospect. However, I have no sense as to how popular a name beyond the Top 100 really is... anyone have any thoughts? How many Ashers do you know? Would you consider it a "popular name"?

    Thanks everyone,
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    On all honesty I don't know anyone called Asher. I see it on this board quite a lot as a given suggestion from berries but that is not indicative of real life use. In my life, I have only ever met 1 'Ash', so I would say it's still unexpected & uncommon imo. Hope this helps . Love Celia!

    Oliver on the other hand is becoming very popular, it's a top 10 in UK, Australia, New Zealand, etc, and I know quite a few Olivers'. Emmett is like Asher, I have only ever known 1.

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    My oldest son is Alexander, and his name was #16 the year he was born. However, out of 150 students in his grade at school, there is only one other Alexander (who goes by Alex while my son goes by Xander). I highly doubt an Asher born in 2014 would be one of 2-3 Ashers in his class. I love the name and the meaning, and I currently only know one Asher (who is 12 years old).
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    I feel that if you love a name that's what is important. You could pick the a very unique name that you don't love, but there's always the risk that someone in your area picked the name as well. I've never heard of the name Asher outside of Nameberry, so I don't consider it that popular in my area.

    Here are the numbers on name nerd's 2012 boys list:
    Asher (3514 boys), Ashur (33), Ashar (27), Ascher (21), Ashyr (13) ,Ashor (5)
    Emmett (2007 boys), Emmitt (356), Emmet (156), Emmit (136), Emitt (16), Emet (16), Emett (16), Emit (9)
    Oliver (5866 boys), Olliver (19), Olyver (12)

    Compare those with the #1
    Aiden (14779) and 13,901 with alternate spellings

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    What I feel sometimes gives me a ball-bark on name popularity is to look up what percentage of babies today are given the name I am considering and match that percentage to the year I was born.

    For example:
    Currently (2012) 0.1749% of babies are given the name Asher.

    You mentioned you were an 80's kid (it would be best to use your birth year, this is just an example)

    In 1980,
    Casey (#93) made up 0.1737% of babies
    Alexander (#92) made up 0.1763% of babies

    now you can compare this to your experiences growing up. Did you know many Caseys and Alexanders? Was it a name you would of thought "of course it is" if you met them? Was there a Casey S. and a Casey A. in your classes?

    This method isn't exact but it is a fun way to get an idea of how popular a name will be by comparing it to your own experiences. My only hesitation would be that we have not yet received the data for 2013, and Asher could have climbed in popularity. (I used the SSA for this if you want to try it out )


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