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    Sage - I enjoy the idea of sage as a first name for a girl (though I heavily prefer it on a boy...but that's just me). It's naturey, but not OTT. A fun fact about Sage - it as well as Rosemary are almost considered a weed in the area of Oregon that I used to live. The plants would get huge and are very hardy. Not that this should dissuade you. Weed status does not make a nature name unusable IMHO.
    Talia - This name evokes images of mystery and wonder to me. Like.
    Maeve - YES!!!! It has the mystery of Talia, but feels more energetic.
    Caroline - Sweet and classic. Lovely.
    Isadora - A bit eccentric to the general public, but lovely and fun. A great twist on the uber popular Isabella/Isabelle.
    Lydia - This is a cute name. Feels peppy and almost whimsical without falling into the "bizarre". Also, this is fairly recognizable which can be a plus.
    Cora - I get the image of a girl with long strawberry blonde curls walking through a wooded area that is overgrown with wisteria. Lovely image and lovely name.
    Noelle - Not my favorite. It is also being used increasingly as a "filler" MN.
    Evelyn/Evelina - I prefer Evelyn, but Evelina is interesting.
    Genevieve/Guinevere -LOVE!!!!! Prefer Guinevere, but they both make me think of a huntress.
    Aurora - I go back and forth on Aurora. Today I like it, but some days it almost feels saccharinely sweet.
    Autumn - One of the more common nature names, but still lovely.
    Amber - I feel like this name is "over". It feels dated and very 80's.
    Jane - Simple and sweet. Love it.
    Simone - I love that this name feels exotic, but not crazy. I love it, but it makes me think of a cat. Think of that as you will.
    Vivienne - I really don't see the appeal, but I know it is a budding favorite.
    Catherine - This is the most classic name I can think of (other than Mary) and I actually really like it. If you are into nicknames, this one has a plethora (including Cora btw).
    Ruby - Great gemstone name that has been able to break away from the "hippy-dippy" image and be used as a mainstream name. I love this one, but for me I still prefer Amethyst.

    Favorites: Sage, Maeve, Isadora, Lydia, Guinevere, Genevieve, and Simone
    Possible Combos:
    Lydia Catherine
    Ruby Genevieve
    Genevieve Sage
    Maeve Aurora
    Isadora Sage
    Isadora Autumn
    Guinevere Autumn
    Lydia Jane
    Ruby Simone
    Simone Isadora
    Catherine (Cora)Sage
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    First off, congrats! You're gonna be a mommy!

    Maeve - Such a fan of Maeve. Maeva is lovely too, but I prefer Maeve.
    Evelina - I love Evelina, meh about Evelyn. Evelina is a great way to honor an Evelyn in a modern way!
    Genevieve - Huge fan of the French pronunciation, though the English prn is lovely too. NN Evie is my favourite.
    Catherine - Classic, beautiful, and full of NN options (Cat, Cate, Cathy, etc.)
    Vivienne - Pretty

    Evelyn - It's still old-lady-ish for me. But it's a classic.
    Jane - So lovely, but a little plain. Would make a lovely middle to honour family too! Evelina Jane is gorgeous.
    Isadora - I find this too harsh, but I love the Isa- part. Much prefer Isobel or Isaline.
    Cora - It's a breakfast restaurant here so that's all I can think of but it sounds nice.

    Guinevere - Not a fan of the sound at all. It's cool because it's medieval-y, but Genevieve is such a better option.
    Aurora - Always found the sound unappealing.
    Autumn - Meh. I find this tacky which is strange since I like Summer and Winter... I don't know
    Amber - Ember would be slightly better, I guess, but eek.
    Simone - Sorry, but I dislike Simone a lot.
    Lydia - Always always always bugs me that it rhymes with a certain STD.
    Caroline - Bad associations for me that I can't look past.
    Elise Jeanne Rose
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    Wow - this is fantastic feedback! Thank you so much... will start chewing all this over...

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    I'm just going to say Dislike, Meh, Like, or Love.

    Sage - Dislike
    Talia - Love
    Maeve - Love
    Caroline - Like
    Isadora - Meh
    Lydia - Love
    Cora - Like
    Noelle - Like/Love
    Evelyn/Evelina (Evelyn is a family name) - Love
    Genevieve/Guinevere - Like (Genevieve), Dislike (Guinevere)
    Aurora - Love
    Autumn - Love
    Amber - Meh
    Jane (family name) - Love
    Simone - Meh
    Vivienne - Dislike
    Catherine (family name) - Meh
    Ruby - Dislike

    Talia, Maeve, Lydia, Noelle, Evelyn/Evelina, Aurora, Autumn, Jane - My top choices in no particular order.
    Combos: (I normally like family names in the middle)
    Aurora Jane
    Talia Noelle
    Lydia Jane (A name that's on my list because Jane is a family name for me as well)
    Lydia Maeve
    Autumn Evelina
    Evelina Maeve
    Jane Evelina
    Noelle Aurora (or Aurora Noelle)
    Evelyn Aurora
    Talia Maeve
    Talia Sage
    Lydia Catherine
    Aurora Jane
    Autumn Noelle

    Top 3: Jane Evelina, Aurora Maeve, and Talia Noelle

    Beatrice Flora Jane, Clara Felicity Kate, Rosalie Linnea Tess, Alexa Coralie Eve, Emmeline Alaska Sophie,
    Charlie Jay, Gideon Bruce, Henry Liam

    Also searching for ways to include:
    Adeline, Avalon, Eliza, Greta, Imogen, Isla, Leora, & Winnie.
    Asher, Caleb, Edwin, Felix, Grant, Hugo, Lachlan, Ronan, Rhett, & Wyatt.

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    These are my favorites from your list.

    Sage - Quirky, trendy and spunky.
    Talia - Romantic and feminine
    Caroline - Classic, royal, and respected
    Isadora - Fancy, vintage and lacey
    Evelyn/Evelina (Evelyn is a family name) - Evelina is My favorite - Classy
    Genevieve/Guinevere - These both have a lot of sex appeal
    Aurora - Beautiful with sass and sparkle
    Jane (family name) - Although it is plain it is a classic
    Simone - French, feminine and stylish

    Here are some pairs that I think sound smashing!

    Evelina Sage
    Aurora Jane
    Evelyn Simone
    Isadora Sage
    Genevieve Simone
    Talia Jane
    Caroline Simone

    Good Luck choosing!

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