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    It sounds dated to me.
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    Yes, it does seem very dated to me. It is a pretty name! I just kind of see it clumped together with the countless Melissas from my age group. It would probably be a lot rarer on a little girl born now.

    But if you absolutely love it, use it! Being dated really doesn't matter when you're in love with a name. I love the name Marcy, which I'm told over and over again is dated. I don't care, I still love it and might use it one day!
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    I have never met a Marissa so I don't find it dated! I really like it. I find it sweet and spunky.

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    I've never met a Marissa, and only one Melissa who would be in her 40s now, so I don't find it dated either. It's pretty, feminine, and a bit frilly. I'd prefer Nerissa, with the Shakespeare connection, or Larissa, though.
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    My girls sitter name is Marissa(18) and she has a sister Nicola and a TJ is the brother ( Tyler James I think)

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