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    For the last few years my DH and I have been in love with the name Eva, as we knew a little girl with this name.

    Last year my sister had a little girl and called her Aoife (pronounced EE-fa or EE-feh), does that mean it should be off the list? We do see a lot of my sister and her family.

    Your thoughts?
    I thought you were talking about sisters!!

    But as your not (thankfully as that would be way to similar) your in fact talking about cousins I wouldn't rule out Eva especially as your in love with the name but I'd talk to your sister before going ahead. Also it depends how close you are to your sister. My mother isn't close to her sister at all so it wouldn't matter if for example my mum had named her son Mikael and her sister had a son called Michael because they don't really talk. But me and my sister are incredibly close therefore it would matter what I called my future child and if it was too close to my sister's future child's name because they'd most likely grow up together. So I'd think about that aspect of your relationship with your sister as well, is her Aoife going to see your Eva all the time? If so that'd be confusing. But if Aoife was going to only see Eva once in a blue moon it really wouldn't matter. Still I would talk to your sister. Also maybe consider other choices with the nickname 'Eva' like Evangeline?

    Hope this helped

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