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    Thoughts on our short list

    Our 2nd little girl will be here any day now, still not sure on a name. We have a short list we will be taking to the hospital with us. Would like to hear some opinions on them.
    Abigail Susan (nn Abby)
    Kaylee Dakota
    Kendall Rose
    McKenna Erin
    McKenna Rose
    Alyssa Marie
    Erin McKenna (nn Em)
    Alexia Rose
    Maci Renee

    Our dd name is Avery Janell.

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    I like Erin McKenna the best.
    Runner ups:
    1. Alyssa Marie
    2. Kendall Rose
    3. Maci Renee (I would like it more spelled Macy)

    Also, Susan Abigail an option?

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    My personal favorite from your list would be Abigail, but with Avery I absolutely love Kendall! I know the most adorable 5 year old named Kendall, easily making it one of my favorite unisex names. Avery Janell and Kendall Rose are great together, but Rose is a very common middle name right now so I would prefer Kendall Suzanne if that were an option.
    Here are my opinions on your entire list
    Abigail Susan (nn Abby) - Has a very different feel than the other names on your list, while I love it I think that you have some better options for Avery's sister
    Kaylee Dakota - I'm not a fan, very trendy
    Kendall Rose - As I mentioned above, this is perfect for Avery's sister!
    McKenna Erin - very trendy, but works fine with Avery
    McKenna Rose - same as above, but I do like this combo better
    Alyssa Marie - as an Alyssa I have to say "great name!" but like Abigail this feels very different from the rest of your list.
    Erin McKenna (nn Em) - Erin feels dated, and McKenna very trendy so I'm not a fan of the combo, but it works fine with Avery
    Alexia Rose - I like the combo, and it works great with Avery
    Maci Renee - My second favorite, after Kendall, with Avery. Like the pp though I would prefer the Macy spelling, but overall it's a great name
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    Erin McKenna is my favorite. I think Erin is cute and goes well with Avery.
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    Abigail Susan (nn Abby) - I like Abby...I think it's cute, but I don't think I would use it.
    Kaylee Dakota - I'm not a big fan of Kaylee. It seems trendy to me.
    Kendall Rose - Kendall is too much of a boys name to me.
    McKenna Erin/Rose - Again, I think it sounds trendy.
    Alyssa Marie - I really like this one.
    Erin McKenna (nn Em) - I really like Erin.
    Alexia Rose - It's not bad.
    Maci Renee - Another trendy name.

    My favorites are Alyssa Marie and Erin McKenna. Erin Marie, maybe?
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