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    I love Abigail Susan! But I don't think Abby sounds too similar to Avery, so if you plan on calling her that exclusively, I would pick something else.

    Kendall Rose and Erin McKenna would be my next choices. I think they match Avery stylistically.
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    Go with McKenna!! And spell it that way, too! (But that's my name, so maybe I am a little biased... I have to say, though, I really do love my name. I get compliments on it a lot, actually. ) Makenna is trendy. Mckenna isn't right. Spell it McKenna! Avery and McKenna sound really nicely together, too.


    Here are my top 5:

    1. McKenna Erin - I love this combo. It's funny because my cousin's name is Erin and we're really close.
    2. McKenna Rose - Really nice flow, but Rose is a little overdone.
    3. Erin McKenna - Really nice flow, too... Erin and Avery sound nice, together.
    4. Maci Renee - I adore Maci. It's adorable!
    5. Abigail Susan - Although the two A names are a little much, Abigail is classic and I quite like Abby.

    Good luck! And congrats on #2.

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    Abigail Susan is the best! I see you like the name McKenna a lot and I just want you to be aware how popular that name or form of that name is. It might get a little annoying to have to call her McKenna F. Or insert the first letter of your last name. I had a name like that in school and it was really annoying.

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