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    Abigail Susan is my favourite from your list, if you want to stick with the same first letter for both your girls. I would prefer Abigail Suzanne or Suzanna, but Susan is fine. Abigail Renee sounds lovely as well.

    Kendall, Alexia and Alyssa are OK. I dislike McKenna, Erin, Maci and Kaylee. I do like Kenna though! Maybe Kenna Rose, Kenna Marie?
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    I am 100% biased, as my name is Alyssa! But, it is a great name! I always liked that it was recognizable but not overly common. I was the only Alyssa growing up in a graduating class of 600! I know Alyssa became more popular later....I am almost 27 and know several Alyssas about 10 years younger than me.

    I do also like Kendall a lot! Personally, I don't like any "Mc" names as first names: McKenna, McKenzie, I recently heard about a baby girl named McCabe (that one seems unforgivable to me lol).

    Best of luck with whatever you decide, even if it is not Alyssa

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    Abigail Susan (nn Abby)--lovely, traditional/classic names!
    Kaylee Dakota--trendi & Kaylee looks misspelled
    Kendall Rose--Kendall is my dad, so I can only see it on a boy.
    McKenna Erin--Is McKenna a family surname/maiden name?
    McKenna Rose--ditto (but Rose flows better than Erin)
    Alyssa Marie--lovely
    Erin McKenna (nn Em)--nms
    Alexia Rose--very pretty, and intelligent-sounding name. My favorite!
    Maci Renee--cute

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    Favourite Combo

    Abigail Susan (nn Abby) - I don't know if Abigail and Avery are a good match in style but perhaps you want something different.

    Next In Line

    Alyssa Marie - different style and same initial as Avery
    Alexia Rose - see Alyssa Marie

    Best "Fits" with Avery

    Kendall Rose
    McKenna Rose
    Erin McKenna (nn Em)

    Dislike and would Eliminate...

    Kaylee Dakota - too cutesy and sounds too similar with Avery (ay and ee sounds)
    McKenna Erin - too many n's
    Maci Renee - cutesy and too similar to Avery so it has the same problem as Kaylee

    Summary: if you want something different, choose Abigail, if you want a more cohesive sibset from the same style, choose Erin, McKenna or Kendall.
    All the best,

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    1. Alexia Rose
    2. Alyssa Marie
    3. (tie) Abigail Susan (nn Abby) or Erin McKenna (nn Em)

    I do not like any of the others at all- they seem extremely trendy.
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