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    Name the Babies G1R1 (drvc)

    The Neilson Family
    Charles and Sydney have only been married for five months before Sydney discovers she is pregnant with their first child! They are expecting a baby boy! Both Charles and Sydney are huge Disney fans – they even spent their honeymoon at Aulani Disney Resort in Hawaii – so they would like their son to have a Disney inspired first name (though not too obvious). His middle name should honor his father, Charles Alexander, in some way.


    The Rhodes Family
    Austin and Abigail are expecting their first children, boy/girl twins, after two years of marriage. They would like their first names to both start with A like their parents. Their middle names should be word names.


    The Hurd Family
    Darren and Lillian have been married for five years. They have spent their time traveling the world together before settling down to have children. Finally, they decide they are ready to start their family, and Lillian finds out she is pregnant with a baby girl! They want her first name to end with an N, but it should have a cute nickname. Her middle name should be after a place they have visited.


    The Carter Family
    Andrew and Michelle have been trying to have children for three years, and have finally turned to invetro fertilization in order to conceive. Luckily, Michelle learns she is pregnant with triplets – two girls and a boy! They want their children to have first names with similar, positive meanings, and their middle names should reflect their birth order and start with A, B, and C, respectively. (You can choose the birth order. Please note what their first names mean.)


    The Montgomery Family
    Ryan and Lara are pleased to announce that they are expecting twin boys! They would like their boys to have short, two syllable names to balance out the length of their last name. They must not start with R or L, and should not have matching initials. Their middle names should be inspired by television characters, as both Ryan and Lara work in that industry. (Please note which characters inspired the names.)


    The Levin Family
    Axel and Brynn are only nineteen years old when they discover they are expecting a child, but they quickly get married before their child is born. They find out that they are having a baby girl! They would like her first name to start with C and be an unusual name, seeing as both Axel and Brynn have slightly unusual names. Her middle name should be unisex.

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