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    Brutally honest opinions on a name

    Bohen / Bowen. Opinions on name and spelling variations. Please feel free to be brutally honest, even if that is to say you loathe the name

    As background, hubby and I both like the name Bowen, but we live near a large store called Bowen's.

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    Bowen is a legitimate Welsh name so it's my preference. It's ok but nothing exciting. Just another name ending in "n" was my first reaction. The spelling Bohen looks odd. My eyes thought it was a misspelling of Cohen at first.
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    I've honestly never heard of the name but I find it refreshing and masculine. I really dislike the Bohen spelling and feel that the pronunciation and spelling would be butchered by others.

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    I actually know someone who has a Bowen. He's almost two and they call him Bo. I'm not personally in love with the name, but it's okay. He's an adorable little boy and I do love that they call him Bo. Bohen is awkward. I don't like that spelling at all.
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    I actually like Bowen. I don't like Bohen.. Not sure how to pronounce it. The nickname Bo is adorable too!

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