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    Could Xavier and Eli be brothers?

    So, after deciding on a short list after months of discussion and debate (Arlo, Nathaniel and Quinn), my husband comes out of nowhere tonight and says "I think I like Eli".

    Now, this may not seem to be an issue as it's a great name, except for the fact that Eli was the name I was really in love with when I was pregnant with Xavier, and back then he claimed to hate it!

    Since that time I have gone off Eli a bit, I think partly because I have come across a few and partly because I had resigned myself to the fact I wouldn't ever get to use it...

    So what are your thoughts? Could Eli be a brother to Xavier? To me they don't really seem to have the same feel...
    Mummy to Xavier and Elijah

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    I love Xavier and Eli together

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    I think they are a cute together
    I would have been Eli if I were a boy

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    I think Eli and Xavier are lovely together

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    I love Eli and think they go great together!!

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