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    Would you put Knox in a K sibset?

    In an all K sibset, would you include Knox.
    I know the spelling is with a K, but would it sound right next to... Kailey, Kennedy... and so on? (by so on I mean other hard K sounding names, hypothetically)
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    I wouldn't have a 'K' sibset...siblings are individuals already linked by their surnames. They don't need to share first initials, as well. And the 'K' sibset is especially tacky since the Kardashian kalamities.

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    If you're going for the same sound, like Kayley, Kaden and Kacey, then no. But if you like the look of the K names and want individual names and sounds, then go for it.
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    If I was doing an all-matching first initial set, I'd *only* do it if I could get multiple sounds in there.

    Charlotte, Celeste, Catherine - yes. A "sh," a "s," and a "k," sound. Even have room to add Chaim at some point, with his "h" sound. None of these children will learn to read phonetically, but such is life.

    G - hard G, soft G, French zh sound, one of the Gw- combos.

    J - hard J, h-sound, y-sound, hw-sound.

    I guess it depends on whether these children already exist or are hypothetical. Hypothetically I'd make every effort to plan to have all different sounds, or at least mix it up from the first two. If I already had 3+ with one sound I would worry that the last would feel left out to suddenly be different.

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    Just curious.. When you say "and so on" - how many k-names are we talking here?

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