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    My dissertation tutor is called Dr Bowen so I see it solely as a surname. I've heard it pronounced differently by different people, some say 'bo-wen' and some say 'baw-en' (like to 'bow' before the Queen) so I don't know how much of an issue that would be.

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    I don't care of it it makes me think of the airplane company.
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    I like Bowen. Bowen Charles used to be on my list, nn Bo. I know a family that used it (they have an Emmerson Mae "Emmy", Claire Lillian, Bowen Matthew, and Lewis Will-Edmond, which I find to be, honestly, the weirdest sibset ever, lol), and they picked it because they knew Bowen would be born with significant heart problems (had multiple heart surgeries in his first day), and they read somewhere that it meant "small, victorious one". I'm pretty sure that's not what it means, but I think it's cute that that's why they picked it, and he's a cute little kid. LOVE the nn Bo, too. It fits right in with Owen, Cohen, Rowan, Ronan, Beau/Bo, etc. I don't like Bohen at all, but Bowen is pretty cute.
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    I love the nn Bo, but Bowen feels a bit too trendy for my tastes -- like it's trying to go for the "en/an" names that are popular now but trying also to be a little different.

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    Keep it spelled as Bowen. I know a family out here with the last name Bowen. Bo would be adorable as a nickname.

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