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    Name the Babies G3R4 (123names)

    The Cook Family (Family #1)

    Asher and Scarlett thought they were done having children, but Esme has been begging for a little sister, so when Felix is 3, there is a little baby on the way. The baby's first name should have lots of meaning. It's middle name should start with "C."

    DS: Nathan Clay (lizzycsa) [9]
    DD: Esme Calista (jinglebelldaisy) [6]
    DS: Felix Callaway (jinglebelldaisy) [3]

    The Watkins Family (Family #2)

    Penelope and Jace are expecting a baby boy next month. Max is so excited to have a brother. His first name should be either one syllable, or a name that can easily shorten to be one syllable. His middle should be a classic.

    DS: Maxwell William "Max" (fantastique) [8]
    DD: Rose Elizabeth (bb) [6]
    DD: Tess Catherine (shanade213) [3]

    The Bond Family (Family #3)

    The twins are now two, and Everly is pregnant! A little boy is on his way. His first name should be ranked 650-1000 in the US. Sterling wants his middle to be Welsh.

    DAD: Amabel Chloe (fantastique) [12]
    DS: Emery Kaine (lovemybabies29) [11]
    DAD: Molly Blythe (bb) [7]
    DS: Fletcher Rhys (drvc) [7]
    DD/DS: Aya Carys/Callum Griffith (shanade213/drvc) [2]

    The Russell Family (Family #4)

    Jacob has completely stopped working in the Physics Department, and now he plays baseball professionally. At age 9, Logan can also play baseball pretty well. There are boy/girl twins on the way as well! Ella wants their first names to be in the top 25 in the US. Their middle names should be uncommon nature names.

    DD: Ava Juniper (jinglebelldaisy) [11]
    DS: Logan Wolf (peacheysmiles) [9]
    DD: Sophia Lark (drvc) [4]

    The Sharpe Family (Family #5)

    When Judah is only 1, Jamie finds out that she is expecting 2 babies! One girl and one boy. Jasper wants their first names to start with "J." Their middles should be uncommon place names.

    DD: Juliana Sicily (bowtiful) [5]
    DD: Johanna Odessa (emitheduckling) [3]
    DS: Judah Boston (emitheduckling) [1]

    The Ballinger Family (Family #6)

    Walden and Lauren are expecting a lovely addition to their family, a boy! His first name should end in "en." His middle name should be a color to express Walden's love for painting.

    DD: Imogen Hazel (bb) [8]
    DS: Cohen Grey (drvc) [5] Sorry about not getting the username right! I copied the wrong username down.
    DD: Ellen Violet (emitheduckling) [2]
    D Dog: Papillon the Female White Pomeranian (peacheysmiles)
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