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    Eden for a boy...

    My partner and I were casually discussing baby names when I suggested Eden as a first name for a girl - it's been a love of mine for while. Well he turned about said "Eden's a boy's names" and I was amazed he actually thought that seeing as he'd kind of nodded to naming a little girl Matilda Eden Frances. He began explaining that there's a footballer (soccer) player named Eden Hazard but it's pronounced more as Ed-in than ee-duhn...

    Anyway, what do you think of Eden on a boy?

    I used to like the idea of Jacoby Eden Spencer, but would consider something like Eden Gabriel Arthur, Eden Zachary James? Does it just look girly? If you saw Eden written down would you automatically just assume girl? Would it be a bad idea? Eden isn't too far out of the top 100 for girl's but it also has some usage on boy's and with the high profile of Eden Hazard maybe it is isn't too far out there?!

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    I would think of Eden more of a girl name but I can see it on a boy too. I know the soccer player your partner is talking of. He plays for Chelsea (my favorite team), which is why I may be able to see it on a boy.

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    Eden Gabriel Arthur is so handsome!

    Yes, I love Eden for a boy. I initially thought of it as a girl name but my mom said it was a boy name when she was growing up. Now I see it as a totally unisex place name. It's on both my boy and girl list. There are a lot of Spanish speakers where I live and it's pronounced 'eh-din' like the footballer

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    I've heard Eden tossed around for a boy a few times (especially with the ED-in prn.), and I don't hate it. I like it much better for a girl, but that's probably because there is an unbelievably adorable little girl in my church named Edyn "Edie". I really like Eden Gabriel Arthur and Eden Zachary James! Eden Zachary James especially, but I think Eden and Arthur are really cool together, for some reason.

    I do automatically think "girl" when I see Eden (I don't know that that will ever change!), but I'm not opposed to meeting a little boy with the name. I think it's a cool name for either gender, honestly...
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