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    Gen 2 Round 2- Name the kids..

    Apologies for any typos or mess ups!

    The Fletchers (family #1)

    Cyrus Milo & Adalie Isla married 4 months after the birth of Caylin Avia, and are now expecting a set of triplets!! It came as a total shock but they willbe here verysoon and they need to get the names sorted.. They would like 'n' ending names but there is no limit to length no specifics on the middle as long as its nice an
    DS: Logan Calix
    DD: Aeryn Cyra
    DS: Dylan Chase
    DD: Caylin avia

    The Rosario's (family #2)

    Levi & Leonie's triplet are now 3 and they are about to become siblings to 2 little girls, Levi and Leonie loved picking their childrens names and they woudl like to have similar with the new baby girls names. They are not too sure about sticking to an L theme.. they want some options on what letters but they would like middle names to mean beautiful.

    DS/DS/DD: Liam Asher, Logan Bennett & Luna Gweneth

    Strauss-Finch (family#3)

    Matteo & Haven, Absolutely love being parents even thought they started off young they have really done well for themselves Matteo has gone on to do graphic design and he is a freelancer for a company and Haven wrote a book about being a young parent called 'Too much.. too soon??' And they are living in a 5 bedroom house in a lovely area and their older children Mason & Lola are growing up and are really helpful to their parents. And of course they are all excited about the new arrivals.. in 2 days Haven will be 35 weeks pregnant and Boden is so excited even at 2!! They are all really looking forward to having a huge family!

    DS/DD: Mason River & Lola Rain
    DS: Boden Ridge

    Miller-Hart's (family#4)

    Vinnie & Emily are expecting twin boys.. No hope for girls yet says emily! but she's happy with healthy! They woudl liek anothe rname like silas short and not too lengthy! and a simple and elegant middle name.

    DS: Silas Andrew

    Simpson's (family#5)

    Charles& Alecia are due anyday with their new bundles.. Kellen at 4 is super excited!! They want rhyming names and and 2 middle names 1 short and 1 about 6-8 letters in length doesn't matter what way the middle are.. but they dont want any repeating letters for the first names.

    DS: Kellen Levi Sebastian
    Mum to 💚 Bailey and 💗Liberty

    💛Sawyer Sept- Dec '16

    Future names--
    💜Marnie Lynn Isabeau ~ Peyton Elisse ~ Kiyomi Inez Margaux~ Aida/Iyeeda Faun ~ Chyler Maud ~ Evalee Tasya ~ Westlyn Grace~ Oaklyn Clary Cate.
    💙 Jesse Phoenix Teilo ~ Rafferty Elijah ~ Casey Phoenix Elijah ~ Tierney Daxton Ford ~ Phoenix Kylo Thane ~ Jameson Khyber Hawke~ Daxon Roscoe Duke.

    🌈GP/Characters: Esmeray Faeryn Westlyn Clarklyn Camrie Khione [Key-oh-nee] Kylette Wrenley

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