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    Another Name the Babies! G3 Results (jinglebelldaisy)

    Family 1 The Bennet Family

    Another six years have passed and even the triplets have started their school work. Isa is now completing 7th grade work. Eli is in High School and Pax is leaving for college. Since Jo, Lou, Dede, and Scout have since passed, They are going to hatch new chicks with Day, Bea, and Luc. Isa is excited too because she misses the hens. They get a another group of four chicks and name them with unisex names starting with J, L, D, and S to honor the hens from their first batch. Shortly after the family welcomes their chicks, Rae starts feeling really sick in the morning. After seeing her doctor, she discoveres that it was morning sickness that she is pregnant, with boy/girl twins. The twins will have a three letter first and a spice middle.

    DS:Pax Tarragon (heidieliza)
    DS:Eli Chive (shanade213)
    DD:Isa Saffron (peachysmiles)
    DS/DD/DD: Day Anise , Bea Cayenne, Luc Fennel(shanade213/emitheduckling/emitheduckling)
    DS/DD:Wes Basil and Kia Clove (shanade213)
    the baby Chicks:Jo, Lou, Dede, and Scout (bb)
    The new baby chicks:Jude, Lynn, Drew, and Sage(emitheduckling)

    Family 2 The Bordeau Family
    Rosamund and Florian feel that they want just one more and after trying discover that they are getting another girl. Wisteria, Peony, and Marigold are so excited! The baby's first should be an unusual flower name. The middle should be a surename.

    DD:Wisteria Madison (drvc)
    DD:Peony Sinclair(minisia)
    DD:Marigold Crawford (shanade213)
    DD:Allium Wilder(peachysmiles)
    The three blind mice:Whisper, Wylie, and Marie-Antoinette(peachysmiles/amburli/minisia)

    Family 3 The Smith Family
    Four Leaf Clover has really been hitting it off and one night when Chord, Bay, Wish, and Keen get home their parents have a surprise! They are going to get a baby brother. Both his first and his middle should be single syllable. The first should be unexpected but the second can be more common.

    DS:Chord Jack (shanade213)
    DD/DD:Bay Sage and Wish Rose (Shanade213/minisia)
    DS:Keen Luke (minisia)
    DS:Knight Rhys(minisia)
    Album Name:Growing up Smiths (emitheduckling)
    Group Name:Four Leaf Clover(emitheduckling)

    Family 4 The Clark Family

    Reese and Keegan think that their lot of six is enough so they decide no more babies. Then Steele, Lilee, Bee, Reef, Creed, and Meena decide that they want to adopt a puppy. Reese and Keegan decide it could be a good way for the kids to learn some responsibility so they take the kids to the shelter to find a dog. Most of the kids find a little lab puppy that they fall in love with but little Meena finds a sweet older dog that she falls in love with. Since the older dog is not likely to get adopted very soon, Reese and Keegan agree to bring both dogs home. The dogs will have names that have two Es in them but the Es do not have to be next to eachother.

    DS: Steele Montgomery(peachysmiles)
    DAD:Lilee Evangelina (fantastique)
    DAD:Bee Magdalena(emitheduckling)
    DAS/DAS/DAD: Reef Remington Max, Creed Constantine Joe,and Meena Coralie Belle (peachysmiles/minisia/shanade213)

    Family 5 The Petersham Family

    Ava and Andy love Alice, Annabelle, Arthur, Amelia, and Alistair very much and their students and colleagues can easily see that. The children are very popular among the students and now that they are older, Ava and Andy allow them to roam the campus a bit, after they complete their homework and as long as they do not interrupt classes. Unfortunately, one of Ava's close professor friend discovers that she is dying of breast cancer when her young daughter is only one. Since she can see that Ava and Andy take care of their children so well, she asks Ava to take in her child upon her death. Ava and Andy cannot say no. A year later the woman dies and her daughter comes to live with Ava and Andy. Her first name is long and frilly and does not start with A, but her nick name does start with A. Her middle honors her grandmother, Eleanora Rose, who also died of breast cancer.

    DD:Alice Whimsy (emitheduckling)
    DD:Annabelle Frost(allij28)
    DS/DD:Arthur Valor and Amelia Muse(emitheduckling/minisia)
    DS:Alistair Rush (Minisia)
    DAD:Rosalie Nora "Allie" (emitheduckling)

    Family 6 The Tolle Family

    Buddy and Stacey thought they were through with kids and cats, but later life tells them they are not. First the kids adopt a stray pregnant cat that lived under their porch. Then the pregnant cat gave birth to a litter of five kittens. Then Stacey discovered that she was expecting twins. So that is a lot of names. The mother cat has a long feminine name like the other cats. The kitten get short old fashioned names. Then the twins will get two syllable first names that go with Parker and Wyatt. Then the middles will be to honor two important cat lovers (feel free to explain what cat lover).

    DW:Stacy Danielle (peachysmiles)
    Cousin 1:Ezekiel Jordan "Zeke" (shanade213)
    Cousin 2:Alanna Scout "Al"(amburli)
    Cousin 3:Isabelline Grey "Isa"(peachysmiles)
    DStepS:Parker Clay(amburli)
    Cousin 4:Christopher True "Topher"(emitheduckling)
    DS:Wyatt Orion (bb)
    DS/DD: Sawyer Anderson and Scarlett Cleo (emitheduckling/shanade213)
    DCat:Serafina (minisia)
    DWCat1:Linus (peachysmiles&allij28)
    DWCat2:Sabrina (peachysmiles)
    Parker's Cat:Guinevere(emitheduckling)
    Parker's Puppy:Wesley (bb)
    the Cousins Cats:Anastasia (peachysmiles)
    Matilda (shanade213)
    The Mama Cat:Henrietta(peachysmiles)
    The Kittens:May, Day, Doris, Biff, and Mim (peachysmiles)

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