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    Seeking Boy Names To Go With Girl Sibset

    Would you kindly suggest boys' names that go well with the following names?

    Alice Cordelia
    Helen Beatrice
    Jane Sylvia or Jane Artemis
    Ruth _______
    Catherine _________

    Names I like or respect, but likely would not or can not use:

    We've tossed around and are considering Arthur, Edward ("Ned") and, more recently, Peter. Nothing feels "right" yet.

    First and middle name suggestions, opinions, etc. welcome!

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    Ack, I wish I loved any boy names as much as my top girl names.

    From those you list, we've considered and/or like:

    Thomas - name of my step-brother who passed away, but we aren't in love with the name itself
    Edmund - love the Narnia connection, but we haven't seriously considered this (yet); we've strongly considered Edward, though
    Theodore - I like it, but my partner does not
    Alfred - too close to daughter Alice's name
    Francis - my partner loves it, I do not
    Henry - we both like, but it sounds truly awkward with the surname
    Leon/Leonard - tossed this around, but neither of us love it
    Frederick - discussed it, but it was never a serious contender
    Hugo - it has a great meaning and it seems like I would love it, but I don't; I also don't think it's a perfect fit with Helen
    August - I like this and Augustus; I'd like to get my partner on board with Augustus as a middle name
    Gideon - such a fun, happy-sounding name; middle name potential?
    Leo - I love, partner does not
    Everett - I used to like, partner's not a fan (he groans now as he sees the name)
    Elliott - a friend named his son this
    George - I feel we should put George back into the running, as it has all the qualities we like in a name
    Marcus - I like it, my partner hates it
    Andrew - partner's (middle) name
    James - partner's actual name
    Fred - so grandpa and wholesome (maybe we should consider Frederick again)
    William - our cat's name
    Peter - we actually just started warming up to this one; so many great literary associations!
    Daniel - a good name, but we don't love it
    Phillip/Phil - Pip as a nickname is adorable
    Frank - yes, this could make me like Francis
    Charles - it seems like we should like this name, but we don't really

    Thanks for all the great suggestions!

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