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    thanks everyone, I really appreciate the input. I told my DH last night, and he only didn't like it a little bit, which means I could work on him. The problem is he hates Y in the middle, so he would prefer Baila i think. I think the thing I am struggling with is that even though it is a "real name" it does sound made up - just like @lightsea pointed out, its feels like a mesh of two already popular names.

    I do like just Bay - but I am not convinced I can use it on its own just yet, I think I would need to sit on that idea longer.

    thanks for the love on Jonah Elias, i LOVE his name so much!!

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    It's a family name for me. One of my sister's names (named after an ancestor who died before I met her) and a great-great aunt I really loved and am thinking of naming after myself.

    Anyway, I don't hear it as made up, as you can imagine. I am indecisive about spelling though, because I've seen Baila, Bayla, and Beila, and I feel like Bayla is the simplest to pronounce but also, well, perhaps the trendiest looking. I'm not sure if I'd use it as a legal name or only a religious one.

    I'm very fond of Blythe. If I wuss out on using Bayla as a legal name, I'll probably use Blythe to nod to it.

    Other options: Briar, Bryony, Beatrix.

    And for Hebrew names I like Bilhah but I just find Billie for a girl cute and that's probably one of the relatively simple ways to Billie. Sybil would be the other easy option, but not close to Barry.

    Good luck whatever you decide. I was just happy to see Bayla on the board, I had to say something.

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    If you live in an area with a Spanish population, or a population that took Spanish in school, Baila would get mispronounced a lot. Baila (pronounced like bye-la) means "dances" in Spanish. For example, "Ella baila" means "she dances".

    I'm not a fan of Bayla, especially with Jonah. Bayla feels so trendy and made up!
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    I have to be honest and say I'm not crazy about Bayla. It feels invented even though it's not. I do agree that Bay is adorable and I'd use it on its own. I love Bea or Bee too and would use it on its own.

    It's definitely a challenge to come up with a Hebrew name starting with B if you don't like the Beth family! How about Belle? Even though it's been off the Top 1000 for decades, it is close to Isabella, Isabel etc. so you'll hear it a lot. But it's an adorable name.

    Bara could of course work though I'm not sure it's an improvement on Bayla.
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    i appreciate the suggestions! I think I am going to keep Bayla on the short list for now, but I am not sold.

    @stripedsocks - I am glad you have heard of the name before, I thought I was one of the only ones. I don't really like Blythe for us though, thank you for the suggestion.

    @pam thank you for the suggestion of Belle. I just adore Belle. I think Belle and Jonah sound well together too. My cousins name is Isabella (they call her Bella), so I am a little hesitant on using it, but I am not ready to nix it just yet. She lives on the other side of the county, is 16 years old, and I have not seen her in over 5 years…so I am not sure it matters. Either way, it is such a pretty name. I do love Bay as well as Bea as a stand alone name, so that is a possibility. I don't mind the short names, (our boy top pick right now is Bram).

    I appreciate the feedback, it always helps.

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