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    Timeless, short and sweet girl names that age well

    We are getting close and are confused again. Lol
    We want a timeless, short and sweet name that will age well. We keep thinking we might be missing a good one. The middle name will likely be Estelle, but that could be changed. My wife prefers not to use names ending with an A.

    So far we have...

    Claire Estelle
    Zoe Estelle
    Emily Estelle

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    First of all, those are great options. Estelle is a fantastic middle. Claire, Zoe, and Emily are all pretty popular but without being modern/trendy/faddish, which makes me think you probably aren't interested in off-the-wall or obscure names.

    Timeless, short, sweet, ages well, doesn't end in A...

    Grace Estelle
    Lily Estelle
    Iris Estelle
    Eve Estelle
    Chloe Estelle (along with Zoe, it is a little less "timeless" than the others due to the recent popularity spike... but still nice and not a "fad name")
    Mae Estelle
    Rose Estelle
    Phoebe Estelle
    Ivy Estelle
    Jane Estelle
    Mary Estelle
    Bridget Estelle
    Maggie Estelle
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    I might be a little biased (I'm a Claire Elise) but I think Claire Estelle is lovely.

    I think my vote goes to Zoe Estelle though. Nothing is shorter, or sweeter than Zoe, and I think the flow of Zoe Estelle is fantastic. Definitely a winning combination, with a classy and timeless feel.

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