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    I think Nell is especially good. Vintage, short and sweet. Nell Estelle would not work though!

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    Quote Originally Posted by claireelise View Post
    I might be a little biased (I'm a Claire Elise) but I think Claire Estelle is lovely.

    I think my vote goes to Zoe Estelle though. Nothing is shorter, or sweeter than Zoe, and I think the flow of Zoe Estelle is fantastic. Definitely a winning combination, with a classy and timeless feel.

    Have you always enjoyed having Claire as your name? Have you ever had any issues being a Claire? Thanks for your help!

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    I love Claire. It's always been in the US Top Thousand, it's feminine but strong, and it has a crisp clean sound.

    I do like Zoe too, but it doesn't feel quite as timeless to me. It's not a NEW name but it waves and dips a lot in popularity.

    Emily is extremely popular, but it has been for so long that it will age well IMO. I really like it. It's another that's never been out of the Top Thousand. I have a great-aunt named Eleanor Emily and I think it's a very flexible, classic-but-not-dusty name.

    I also like:
    Jane - Jane is an ultimate little black dress name for me that works for any type of girl. It's one major advantage over Claire is that while still instantly familiar, it's less popular. Oh, and fewer letters if you're worried about that.
    Rose - Rose is not in the Top Hundred for girls as a first name, but it's immediately known. It's a bit more old-fashioned than similar-sound picks like Wren or Rain, but it has a timeless quality and sense of polish. I like Lily, too, but Lily is much more "now" and Rose is more "always," I think.

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    I don't think you can go wrong with any of the three. I would go with Claire Estelle. I think it falls in the middle as Zoe may be less "timeless" and Emily is used a lot. Claire seems to fit multiple personalities types.
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