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    Inspirations & Reasons behind your Children's or favourite names

    I was talking through my name list with OH last night and explaining to him why I like all the names I like. It occurred to me that there are a lot of different inspirations or reasons why I like the top names in my lists.


    Zachary - I had a friend called Zach as a child and adored his collection of pokémon cards! I always thought his name was awesome. This name I have loved since I was about eight years old.

    Alexander - I like the strong feeling Alex gives of and how it sounds when I say it. Over the past few years I've really come to like the band Franz Ferdinand, OH's favourite band and his inspiration. Their frontman's name is Alexander (nn Alex) and this has cemented the name into my top names.

    Michael - A family name on both sides, this will most likely be a middle name for one of my sons in the future. Also the name of one of Franz Ferdinand's songs, sealing my OH's love for the name.

    Briar - One of my all time favourite characters! I fell in love with this name whilst reading the Circle of Magic series by Tamora Pierce and learning about the plant mage named Briar. Although this is more commonly associated with girls, I would only ever use this name on a boy... if OH would let me!


    Lilith - Despite the negative connotations, my first encounter of this name was in a videogame: Borderlands. I played as Lilith and loved her character and storyline. When i looked up the name the history encouraged me rather than put me off. As a trainee midwife, I think this is an awesome feminist name I would be proud to give my daughter. I also love the nn Lily.

    Francesca - I like this name based on how it sounds and looks written down. To me it's elegant with an underlying spunk, with nicknames like Frankie and Chesca. OH suggested it, which he never does, so that makes me like it even more!

    Azalea - I do like flower names but feel that lots of them are very common and just don't have the perzazz I'm looking for. Azalea fits my criteria perfectly! It's unusual, feminine but has the z which gives it a kick of flavour for me. The nn Lea is gorgeous too. I might be able to convince OH on this one!
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    Jack - I just think its a "good guy" name. I grew up watching/reading about so many great characters named Jack so I have a lot of great associations with it.

    Oliver - My mom and I used to watch Oliver Twist together a lot. It was a story we both enjoyed. The name Oliver kind of reminds me of my mom and the bond we share.

    Leo - I was obsessed with Titanic when I was twelve and I watched all the bonus features on the dvd and I fell in love with the name Leo after hearing Kate Winslet call Leonardo DiCaprio "Leo" a thousand times. I still think its a handsome name that works well on an adult. Also, my siblings and I all have "Lee" in our names so I think Leo would be a nice connection to us.

    Finn - This name had been growing on me for a while but I only decided I really loved it after watching "Jack's Gap" on Youtube. They are a pair of really adorable twin brothers named Jack and Finn. Since I already loved the name Jack I had no choice but to fall in love with the name Finn as well.


    Eliza - I remember hating this name as a child but it grew on me in my teen years because of reading Pride and Prejudice and the Forgotten Garden which both had main characters named Eliza. I also really like the meaning of it and the fact that it is also a Polish name which is part of my heritage.

    Charlotte - I've loved this name since I was eight years old after reading Little House on the Prairie where Laura's doll and grandmother were named Charlotte. I thought it was so beautiful and uncommon. I still think its beautiful even though its so common.

    Dahlia - reminds me of my late grandma's name, even though it really has no connection to her name whatsoever.

    Anna - I just love the sweet simplicity of it. It was also the name of the first woman in my father's family (carrying my dad's last name) to come to America.
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    Most of these are literary, and a lot are from audio tapes I used to listen to as a child:
    Nyla- Was the name of one of my mum's friends. She loved the name, and said she was going to name her future daughter (me) Nyla. She didn't, but I like the name, and I kind of want to use it now I know the story behind it.
    Georgiana- Has a great literary connection (Pride and Prejudice), plus (I just realised) it honours my grandma (Georgina).

    Julian- Reminds me of the Famous Five series, as well as other Enid Blyton books which have guided me through my childhood, and made me love mysteries. (I also like Enid)
    Cyril- Another literary one; Five Children and It this time, which I used to play (and still do) on repeat. The Phoenix and the Carpet was also where I first heard one of my fave names (Phoenix).
    Caspian and Edmund- Remind me of the old BBC version of the Chronicles of Narnia, which I love watching with my mum, and made me see what she watched as a child. Plus everything seemed so much more authentic and magical with animals who were clearly people dressed up in costumes, and kind of fuzzy feel to it. Anyway, I've stopped making sense, good memories.
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    Elsie - It was my grandmothers name and she was so charismatic, and everyone adored her. She had friends near and far, she traveled a lot, was one of the first women in her county to own a business and she ran it well. Elsie also happens to phonetically pronounce my initials (with my maiden name) LC.

    Rose - I've always loved this name. I don't know the exact reason but I later found it was a prevalent family name about 100 yrs back. We had several member with Rose as a FN or MN. I also had a good friend with a little sister named Rose. She was the first kid I ever babysat, I taught her how to swim and she was absolutely darling.

    Sebastian: I was a big fan of The Neverending Story. Although the kids name is Bastian I think its a good indirect refernce.

    Bennett: My closest cousin is named Benjamin and I think Bennett "Ben" is a good way to honor him. I also love Elizabeth Bennett's character in P&P.

    Patrick: My dads middle name. I have an amazing dad and it saddens me that his last name won't pass on to my children. Patrick is something I can pass on and my DH knows if we have a boy his MN is definitely going to be Patrick LOL.
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    I like the name Finn because it just sounds good, I guess. EDIT: I guess I should say that I first HEARD the name on a really annoying TV show, which was not the inspiration...
    Cove was one of my first well-developed characters, so the name is great to me.
    Gabriel is a beautiful name, and the association with my favorite book doesn't hurt, either.
    I always hated Dean until I read Monument I'm neutral on the name. It's good enough to add to my list, at least.

    Blossom sounds very spunky.
    Lileas is just amazing. I don't know why.
    Holly Jade was my first double-barrel favorite.
    And those were jut a few of them.
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