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    August Patrick

    August - My husband and I both love the band August Burns Red. My husband brought it up a few years ago I didn't like it at first but I love it now. Plus I love the NN Auggie I think it is adorable!

    Patrick - Is my FIL's FN it means noble. He married us and has been a huge part of DH's life so we wanted to honor him.


    Olive June

    Olive - My MIL and I are very close she had a great aunt named Olive. As well as the more I hear it the more I fall in love with it. I think Ollie is a cute NN.

    June - Is DH's grandmothers name she is currently dying from alzheimer's. I think the name is very pretty and we wanted to honor her.
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    My Top Two:

    River - I love from the Bible this verse: "He that believeth on me, as the scripture hath said, out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water" John 7:38. I love it it's beautiful, and I love nature and rivers in general.

    Charlotte: I adore the movie Charlotte's Web because of the meaning behind it, and how wonderful Charlotte the spider is.
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    My son's name is Levin Silas. My husband and I first came across Levin while reading Anna Karenina, many years ago. Constantin Levin is my favorite character in my favorite book. Then we discovered that Levin is also an archaic English word for lightning, and that seems pretty awesome. We call him Lev a lot, which means lion in Russian or heart in Hebrew. So his first name has lots of meanings.

    His middle name is after my husband's grandfather, who is one of the kindest and best men who has ever lived. His name is unfortunately Herman- but his middle name is Silas, so we went with that. He was absolutely thrilled that we named our son after him. Silas means "in the forest." So his full name means "lightning in the forest" which honestly, we did not realize until well after we named him. That just makes me think "conflagration" which seemed unfortunate. I mentioned this to a friend and she said to think of it as the kind of forest fires giant sequoias need to grow, clearing away the choking underbrush and making room to reach towards the heavens.

    If we ever have a daughter, my first choice would be Esme Liora. Esme would be after my mother, whose name is Cheryl (Esme and Cheryl share a meaning) and Liora is a smoosh of my husband's mother's and stepmother's names, Linda and Lori. I love that we can end up with an actual name from a smoosh. Esme means beloved and Liora means my light, so it can be a name meaning sentence, "my beloved light."

    I have other names that I just like, but these are the two with the most thought out meanings.

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    I really like the idea of this thread, I find it interesting how meanings and thoughts behind names differ for everyone and where the inspiration come from. A lot of the names I like tend to be more for just the sound and quirkiness, but some if I think about it have more personal meanings for me and links to my childhood and Grandparents.

    Lavender- (mn only) It always reminds me of the giant lavender bush in my Grandparents house that ran the length of the driveway and all the fun memories I had in the almost magical garden of my childhood with my cousins and sibling.
    Clover- From the book What Katy Did, that was given to me by my Grandma when I was 9ish and really into reading, it was the first time I heard the name, and she was my favourite sibling of the family. It has a quirky English feel to it and the bf realy likes the name too which I always think is a big plus
    Nancy- French dimitative of Ann, my other Grandma's name and is french in origin to match my maiden name that I inherited from my step-Grandfather who although can be grumpy is a great person and someone I respect immensely
    Theobald/Theobold nn Ted- After another Grandfather who has since passed away but disliked his fullname, all the other ways to Ted I dislike. Theobald/Theobold comes mainly from the German, almost Viking like feel to the name and is another that my bf loves.

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    Jude William- I have a very special relationship with my aunt (Judith) so I like that it honors her and Saint Jude, the patron saint of lost causes. William is such a handsome name and I think it sounds good with Jude.

    Blaise ?- I love how wild and powerful Blaise sounds, but also that it has a rich history. I first heard it on a little boy at my church, and I fell in love.

    Rhett Donal- Rhett (inspired by Rhett Butler, of course!) sounds so friendly and southern. Donal is the Irish form of Donald, my grandfather's name.

    Quinn Douglas- I love the handsome sound Quinn has! Douglas is my father's name.

    At the moment, I have absolutely no girls names...they're so much harder for me.
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