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    Litter of four need names!

    Hi there,

    My sister's cat had four kittens a few weeks ago and she has decided to keep two of them and give the others away to friends. All three women want the kittens to have names that are a sibset.

    In the litter there are 2 males and 2 females. One female is a calico, one male is mainly white with orange patches, the second male is identical to his tabby mother and the second female is black with white toes and belly.

    So far 2 of the kittens have been named: Russell (the tabby male) and Rose (the calico female). They don't want all the names to start with R but they would love to have the remaining two kittens have names that match the already named ones. They are currently considering the following names:

    For the unnamed male - Caspian, Casper, Jasper, Valentine.
    For the unnamed female - Violet, Velvet, Orella, and Cairo.

    All suggestions will be forwarded to my sister. Thanks in advance for your help!

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    Russell, Casper, Rose and Orella sound very nice to me. I also recommend Sasha.

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    Thanks for the reply. I just found out that they picked all the names. They decided on Russell, Primrose "Rose", Rembrandt "Remy" (for the white & orange male), and Isabeau "Izzy" (for the black and white one).

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