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    Create a Story CAF ((Based on Pictures!!))

    Tell us a story about the family pictured individually below. First, give them each a name, and then use your creative skills to come up with their life story using personality, careers, or basically whatever you'd like! Have fun with it!


    DH (40):
    DW (38):

    DD (17):
    -DGD (1):
    DS (15):
    DS (13):
    DD (9):
    DS (7):

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    LN O'Malley

    DH Joseph Patrick
    DW Isabel Ruth

    DD Olivia Grace
    DGD Aria Rose
    DS Jacob Logan
    DS Andrew Christopher
    DD Lucy Abigail
    DS Cade Morgan

    Golden Retriever Mr Magoo (male)
    Cow dog Rusty (male)

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    LN: Harris

    DH (38): Vincent William "Vinny"
    DW (38): Michelle Renee "Shelley"

    DD (17): Jacqueline Elise "Jackie"
    -DGD (1): Charlotte Renee Grace "Charlie"
    DS (15): Jacob Vincent "Jake"
    DS (13): Dylan Michael "Dill"
    DD (9): Dakota Brianne "Koty"
    DS (7): Caden Austin "Cade"

    DDog/DDog: Sadie & Meatball

    Vinny and Shelley met when they were twelve years old at a church camp. They later found out that they both lived only ten minutes away from each other and attend the same school. They never realized before, but they had gone to school together since kindergarten, and just never met. They began dating at sixteen years old. After high school, they settled down to get married at the young age of twenty, and rented a two bedroom house twenty minutes away from town. Shortly after, they had their first daughter, Jackie, when they were a mere twenty one and had only been married for ten months. It was tough getting on their feet, but as soon as Jackie came, Vinny applied for a job at the local Police Department. When jackie was just a few months old, Shelley was a single mother while Vinny was off in another city hours away at the Criminal Justice Academy for six weeks. He graduated with flying colors and came home to his beautiful girls as a new man with a great job. Two years down the road, Shelley gave birth to their first son, Jake. It was then that she officially decided not to go to college; she wanted to be a stay-at-home housewife and mother. That same year, they bought their first house; a four bedroom home in the city, just ten minutes away from Vinny's job. Two years had passed, and once again, they welcomed a little boy, Dill. Jackie was a great help around the house with the boys, but she'd be starting kindergarten soon, so Shelley would be home alone with an infant and a toddler, both major handfulls. They wanted more kids, just not for a while. When Jackie was eight, Jake was six, and Dill was four, they had a very outgoing baby girl, Koty. Jackie was overjoyed to finally have a little sister. Jake and Dill were now also partners in crime. They didn't go anywhere without each other, and loved to tourment Jackie. After Koty, they were told that Shelley was unable to have any more children. But low and behold, a miracle happened when little Cade came along two years later with no complications. Years passed and the children grew and matured. One summer day, though, 16 year old Jackie came to her mother in tears. She had finally lost her virginity to a college boy during spring break without anyone knowing. Even with it being her first time, she managed to get pregnant. Shelley was angry, but comforted and supported whatever decision Jackie made. They didn't tell Vinny for two weeks, and when they did, he was suprisingly supportive. The college boy was a one night fling, and when Jackie told him, he called her a slut and said the kid wasn't his. So, seven months later, Jackie gave birth to her beautiful little angel, Charlie. Between Shelley, Vinny, Jackie, Jake, Dill, Koty, and even Cade, that little girl is taken care of and doesn't need to have a father in her life right now. Jackie is raising her just fine without anyone but her family. She even has a job after school as a server to support her daughter. Jake and Dill are still mischevious, but they don't ever get into any major trouble; Vinny makes sure of that! Koty is rambunctious, outgoing, and loves to play with her brothers. She's a tom-boy, but enjoys helping Shelley in the kitchen. Cade wants to be a cowboy when he grows up. He thinks his daddy is the coolest daddy in the world. They are truely a happy family.
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    LN: Peak
    DH: Greg Patrick Peak (40)
    --Police Officer
    ---Greg is very self-controlled and sympathetic, which makes him a great officer. He genuinely wants to help people. He acts with his heart and not his head, which gets him in trouble occasionally, but in the end people forgive him because he always has good intentions.
    DW: Marissa Veronica Peak (38)
    --2nd Grade Teacher
    ---Marissa is extremely nurturing and optimistic. She loves her job as a teacher. Although she loves the kids she teaches, she is very emotional which makes it hard when she has a student going through a hardship or her children are hurting.

    DD: Caroline June Peak (17)
    ---Caroline is a bit of a dare devil and does not care about consequences. While she doesn't care about consequences, she is very nurturing and cares about her brothers, sisters, and her daughter,
    -DGD: Hadley Elena Peak (1)
    ---Hadley is a very sweet little girl. She loves playing with her aunts and uncles and of course, Ruthie and Spike the dogs!
    DS: Asher Jonah Peak (15)
    ---Asher is nothing like his older sister. He is shy and not very out going. He is extremely smart and enjoys working with computers and electronics. He does not have many friends, but he prefers it that way. He is very loyal to his friends and enjoys being a close-knit group.
    DS: Porter Jude Peak (13)
    ---Porter is a soccer junkie. He is on the field 7 days a week practicing or playing in tournaments. When he is not on the field or doing homework that piles up, he hangs out with his large group of friends and likes to play video games.
    DD: Vivienne Aurora Peak (9)
    ---Vivienne looks up to her big sister. She loves to hang out with Caroline, who looks out for her. Vivienne does not have many friends, but she prefers the company of animals anyways. She loves to snuggle up with Ruthie and Spike and read a good book.
    DS: Atticus Quinn Peak (7)
    ---Atticus is a wild child. He has a lot of energy and doesnt always know what to do with it.
    DDog/DDog: Ruthie (golden retriever) Spike (cattle dog)

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    LN: McNabb

    DH (40): Bryan Andrew
    DW (38): Lisa Alice

    DD (17): Tessa June
    -DGD (1): Bethany Alice *Bethy*
    DS (15): Devin Douglas
    DS (13): Tyler Patrick
    DD (9): Sydney Grace
    DS (7): Maxwell Alexander *Max*

    DDog/DDog: Ringer & Hal
    Ansel Paladin, Augustus Oak, Christian Laszlo, Elliot Nile, Etienne Rhodes, Ford Remington, Julian Denali, Otto River, Ronan Jeffrey, Theodore Rune
    Esmae Sakura, Evangeline Coral, Hazel Amity, Heidi Snow, Hermione Mabel, Linnea Valkyrie, Oona Bliss, Phoebe Calla, Scarlet Peace, Thisbe Margaret

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