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    Best nickname for Ronan and Theodore?

    Our final two names that were bringing to the hospital are Ronan and Theodore. I'm just trying to figure out what nicknames we could use. We're using Arthur as the middle name. I'm not opposed to a nickname from his middle name. I really don't see any other nickname for Ronan other than Ron, and Ronnie/Ronny. I'm not sure which spelling is better. Theodore has so many nicknames that I really can't decided. Somewhere my Hubby read Thor when we were deciding on final names and I really have to talk him out of that one.

    Thank you for reading!
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    Theodore you could do Theo. Theodore is a greek name... Thor is a norse name. They have totally different meanings and backgrounds. I think it's kind of stretching.

    Ronan is good on it's own, it's a five letter long name. It's two syllables long. Not every name needs a nickname.

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    Not sure about a nn for Ronan but for Theodore I love Teddy. Theo is nice but Teddy is just squishable and so cute.

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    <3<3<3 Ro for Ronan!
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    I agree with the pp. Ro/Row/Roe is a cute nn for Ronan and I like Teddy as a nn for Theodore, Ted when he's older.
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