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    I think Eve is a great name. Sure it doesn't give off the same style as Piper and Boston but, that's not the end of the world. I think you should name the baby what fits them best and not fit the sibset.
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    I also have been thinking about Eve a lot lately. I think it's so simple yet pretty. I don't see piper and eve as a good sibset. However I agree with other posters on that its better to love all ur kids names than to choose names that go together.

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    I think Boston, Piper and Eve are fine together. Eve has just enough edge to not be out of place. It's not like Boston, Piper and Eleanor, that would be out of place in my opinion!! Eve is spunky and fresh, same as Boston and Piper.

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    It doesn't clash, it just isn't expected.

    I can totally see Bos, Pip and Eve being siblings.

    With Boston and Piper and expect their sibling to be Everly.

    I understand your love for Eve as it's one of my top names as well, and I adore the name Piper!
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