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    Cordelia "Delia" or Suzanna "Zanna"

    We've talked over all of our girl choices and while Genevieve, Matilda, and Rosamund are all beautiful names; we really love Cordelia "Delia" and Suzanna "Zanna". Which do you prefer with the last name West Brook (without the space and an E at the end, just don't want it to be googled)? Also, which full name combination do you like best? (Nicknames and spellings are completely set in stone)

    Cordelia Diane 'West Brook' "Delia"
    Cordelia Jean 'West Brook' "Delia"
    Cordelia Margaret 'West Brook' "Delia"
    Cordelia Eleanor 'West Brook' "Delia"

    Suzanna Diane 'West Brook' "Zanna"
    Suzanna Jean 'West Brook' "Zanna"
    Suzanna Margaret 'West Brook' "Zanna"
    Suzanna Eleanor 'West Brook' "Zanna"

    Thank you!

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    I prefer Suzanna

    Suzanna Eleanor and Suzanna Jean are tied for me, but I am leaning more towards Jean!

    If you are to go with Cordelia...
    The only combo I like is Cordelia Margaret

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    TBH neither Cordelia or Susanna are my style but out of the two I prefer Suzanna. I think it works well with Margaret as a middle name, and also with your surname. I do think that Zanna is really lovely though and the sort of name I would choose as a name in itself.
    Good luck x

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    Cordelia Jean 'West Brook'!! I picked this name in the other thread of yours and I will pick it again! I just love it! I wished I was named Cordelia!
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    Although I love the name Diane, I don't know that I would use it with your first name choices. I don't like the double "D" sound of Cordelia Diane, and Suzanna and Diane both contain the name "Ann." I would go with Cordelia Jean or Suzanna Margaret.

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