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    Red face Help making combos?

    I'm sorry if this is a little strange, but can anyone think of some awesome, magical combos that include names meaning moon/stars/celestial + butterflies/flowers OR moon/stars/celestial + water connection or beautiful water meaning (like "waterfall" for example)? All I have so far is Lavender Aurora.

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    Everyone is probably sick of me going on about Marilla but I really love it! And the meaning 'shining sea' is perfect for your request. So I suggest the simple, sweet and stunning: Marilla Eve.

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    Moon/stars/celestial + butterflies/flowers:

    Mika Rosalind
    Ayla Marguerite
    Neoma Violette
    Kamaria Rosary
    Selena Marigold
    Gemini Mariposa
    Aries Dahliana
    Astra Oleander
    Eris Marguerite

    Moon/stars/celestial + water/beautiful water:

    Luna Adrienne or Luna River
    Neoma River or Neoma Lynne
    Kamaria Bay or Kamaria Lynne
    Selena Bay or Selena Maylin
    Mika River, Mika Adrienne
    Ayla River
    Gemini Aqua, Gemini Dayla, Gemini Adrienne, Gemini Lynne
    Aries Maylin
    Astra Maylin
    Eris Adrienne, Eris Maylin

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