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    Amelia or Josephine?!

    My husband and I can't seem to decide between Amelia and Josephine and our little girl is due in a few weeks! Middle name will be Patricia (family name) and big sister is Olivia! Opinions greatly appreciated!

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    Amelia sounds kind of close to Olivia, so I would opt for Josephine.

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    Amelia is stunning, just so beautiful with tons of great nn's too BUT I would not use it in the first name spot with sister Olivia. I am so pleased to see Patricia being used again I feel it is such an elegant name.

    I am not a fan of Josephine I find it a plain name in comparison to Olivia.

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    I adore Josephine, and nn Josie!

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    I also love Josephine; something about the sound of Amelia seems oily to me.

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