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    thoughts on naming after deceased siblings?

    i'm considering naming this baby after her deceased siblings, and need honest opinions. My 3 yr old daughter is also named after 3 sets of granparent who all have the same middles names so i'd like this babys name to have sentimental meaning also...

    i have two babies who've passed, one stillborn daughter at 19 weeks and my son who passed at 3.5. There names were Emelyn and Kyle

    I'm considering naming this baby

    Emme Kyla

    as a play on their names... do you think that this is enough of a change to give her own identity? thoughts on Emme (pronoucned Emmie)

    is this a sweet tribute or heavy burden?


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    Don't do it.

    Aside from the heavy burden, which it would be, there is a touch of the 'replacement child' about that. Might not be that way for you, but it might seem that way from the outside, or worse, to your child.

    Give the kid a name that's all their own, or like your older child, related to older generations.

    That said, Emme Kyla is a cute name. Without the family associations it'd be nice.
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    thank you, i appreciate your thoughts.

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    I think it could go 2 ways and you won't know til it might me too late. In one way it might be a source of comfort for you but like the other poster said, it might make the child feel like a replacement. It is a lovely name in itself but I might be more inclined to have something completely different.

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    i can't come up with any unique names.... i feel like my daughters named after people i love, arbitarily picking a name seems unfair to this baby. I like names that have meaning behind them.

    but as far as a replacement... Thats why i attempted to change the names, to create a unique name while still paying tribute to the siblings. but i am torn, about it, thats why i asked. I appreciate your opionions. its good to get an outside perspective.

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