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    Advice on this boy/girl name combination

    Hi all,

    My wife and I hope to start a family soon and have been discussing names for a hypothetical family of 1 boy and 1 girl (not necessarily in that order).

    Factors influencing our choice of names include the following:

    - I have Italian heritage and my wife has Korean heritage. We would like to choose names that have some degree of meaning to both cultures, and preferably that are easy to pronounce for both our families (consonant blends being quite difficult for Koreans).
    - I have a long surname comprising two words, both ending in the letter A. We think that a short first name is a good idea to balance out the long surname, and that a name ending with A may create too much assonance of the A sound (a shame because there are many nice names ending in A).
    - We would like to choose first names that are relatively traditional yet not too common or old-fashioned. The uniqueness will come from the Korean middle names that we also plan to choose for them

    So, the names that we have come up with are as follows:

    Boy: Leo
    Girl: Ariel

    Leo has meaning to us as it is similar to her father’s name and also to my grandfather’s, as well as having a Roman origin and being used by a number of popes. It’s also nice and easy for everyone (Koreans sometimes struggle with the pronouncing of ‘L’, but we don’t mind if they pronounce it as ‘Rio’).We are quite strong on this name.

    It was more difficult for us to think of a girl’s name. We came up with Ariel (first syllable pronunciation of ‘A’) on the basis that day to day we would call her Arie. The short version is close in sound to a traditional Korean folk song called Arirang and the full name has a Biblical origin. We note that it’s meaning in Hebrew is “Lion of God”, which has an overlap with Leo.

    So, if you would be kind enough to offer your thoughts, it would be greatly appreciated if you could advise us of the following:

    - What do you think of the names Leo and Ariel as a boy/girl combination?
    - Which other girl’s name would you recommend to go along with Leo?

    Any thoughts on our baby naming thought-process are welcome. Thanks for your help!

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    Sorry...the pronunciation of the first syllable of Ariel should be "Ah", not just "A".

    Thanks again :-)

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    I LOVE Leo. I think Ariel goes fine with Leo, though it's not my favorite. I think Arie is really sweet. I would almost just go with Arie without Ariel. But if you want to have a longer version, Ariel is fine. The only issue would be the overlap in meaning. That is totally your call. If you love it and that doesn't especially bother you, I think it's fine. I didn't know Ariel's meaning before. You will have your own little pride.
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    Leo is a lovely name and sounds like it has a lot of great meaning with it.

    Ariel is pretty, Ari is very cute.

    What about?
    Miriam/Miri - great Biblical name with a great cute nn
    Heidi - I like the idea of this one with Leo
    June - pretty and simple
    Maren - classy name that's easy to pronounce
    Cindy - not everyone's cup of tea, but I think it's lovely and fun with Leo so I'm listing it anyway, Sydney of course is the more trendy option now
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    Thanks very much for your feedback :-)

    The overlap in meaning between Leo and Ariel certainly wasn't intended, but was uncovered after we delved a little deeper into the background of the names. Yes, we would have our own little pride of lions!

    I also like the name Miriam and it's short version of Miri. I will ask my wife if Miri has any meaning in Korean. Mimi could also be used as a short version. Thank you for this suggestion!

    Also, what are your thoughts on this girl's first name: Hanul

    It's a Korean word meaning "sky". The pronunciation is "Huh-Nool", and we could use Hanny (pronounced more like "Honey") as a shortened version. I am quite fond of its meaning and sound, and it would match up nicely with a Korean middle name for a boy that we have picked out. The only concern I have is that it may be difficulty for people to spell and pronounce, and unfortunately it is quite close to an unpleasant anatomy-related word so it may be subject to teasing.

    Do you like this name and the proposed spelling?

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