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    Rocco or Morocco?

    I am down to 2 choices (I hope... I have 3 weeks to go).

    Rocco Aldrich
    Morocco Atticus

    *I'm beginning to love Morocco because it reminds me of The Alchemist and how he pursues his personal legend from Spain to Morocco to Egypt. But worried that it might be too exotic compared to Rocco.
    **My firstborn is Samantha Amelie and I wanted to give all our kids a second name that starts with A, hence the Aldrich/Atticus (other choices were: Andreas, Antonio...).

    Thank you!

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    Rocco Aldrich. It's a better sib set with Samantha Amelie.
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    Rocco because it's a real name (Germanic came derived from the element hrok meaning "rest"). Morocco is the name of a country, not a name for a person.

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    I think Rocco with Samantha. Morocco brings up lovely imagery though doesn't it?
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    I prefer Rocco. Morocco sounds like a girls name to me.

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