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Thread: Honey

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    Could it work for an actual name? It is my partners great grandmothers name. We were going over middle name options, and I was dancing around Charlotte... Then I kinda like Honey as a first name, so what do you think about adding it to the first name list?

    I know I probably need to be DECREASING the list, but I don't think I could ever choose until it comes down to there being a nameless baby in the hospital.

    Soo Honey?
    Am I crazy?
    Middle names?

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    I would probably use Honey as middle-name unless you are consciously honoring your husbands great-grandmother Honey. I’m not generally opposed to all word names as fn’s but I do usually suggest them as mn’s. I think being Honey in a professional world could either make things much harder or make them easier - i.e. it’s an odd name but as you are using the “right” spelling you might get some novelty look-see’s the average person might not. I think that if you balance Honey with a more traditional fn or mn and give a future daughter the possibility to choose to go by her mn professionally if she wanted it could be sweet - no pun intended.

    (My “god-brothers” grandmothers given name is Lovie I don’t see how Honey is that much different. Also people are naming their children Apple, Clementine, Sage, etc this is really not that much more out there).
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    Maybe Honey should be a MN. Charlotte Honey doesn't sound bad Or you could name her Charlotte with the pet name Honey. I know someone named Clarissa who is called Honey at home. But if you're really sticking with Honey, nere are middles:
    Honey Talullah
    Honey Serena
    Honey Luella
    Honey Faline
    Honey Ramona
    Honey Louise
    Honey Louisa
    Honey Clementine (too much food names?)
    Honey Selene
    Edith Vale Ophelia

    Seamus Ocean Crowe

    Charlotte Elisabeth Ann

    Desmond Lloyd Knight

    Sylvie Christina Clementine

    Thatcher Carlton Reeve

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    I think it's harder to pull off then some names, only because people may make assumptions about your background, which is completely unfair.... Maybe, I would just be too chicken myself. I think it'd be nicest in the middle to honour your partner's grandmother. However, it's not crazy at all, it's lovely you want to honour her.
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    If it's honoring your partners great grandmother than yes, it can be a contender for first name.
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