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    Thanks everyone!

    Just wanted to clear a few things; shorter nickname-type names aren't a big deal to us as full names. We much prefer them as full names than picking a full name we don't love. Which is what the case was with some of the names like Lola (we hate Lourdes, Lolita, and others), Millie, and Lulu. And Penelope is the opposite, we don't like any nicknames and will not be using any. If we have a girl and name her Penelope, that's what we'd call her. When she got older and decided to go by a nickname, we're not going to stop her but until she would be able to make that decision on her own, we'd tell people she was Penelope and that is what they should refer to her as. (so please do not give full name or nickname suggestions; we do not want to change our list in any way unless we are shortening it)

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    I love your list! My top 3...

    Tallulah - this spelling is the most popular, and the most natural to me. You could totally use Tallulah nn Lulu.

    After that I'd vote Lola, then Ruby (Lulu would be on there too but it feels unnecessary since you've got Tallulah).
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    We realize that we could use Lulu as a nickname for Tallulah/Talullah, but chances are we won't do that. This is probably going to sound super weird, but we don't like nicknames at all and we don't understand them. Meaning, why name your child something and then never call them it? If we love the first name, then we want to use it rather than calling them something else. Or if we love a "nickname" why would we call them something we don't love just so they have a long name? It just doesn't make sense to us

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