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    Opinions on new list?

    I'd love to hear what you think as I'm hoping to make some sort of short list out of these...
    Ailbhe (AL-vah/El-vah)
    Eilidh (AY-lee)
    Esme (EZ-may)
    Geraldine – nn Deanie
    Iseabail (pronounced ISH-bel) - I might use Ishbelle or Ishbel spelling.
    Margaret/Margareta - nn Greta or Meg/Mog
    Sybilla – nn Billie
    Tabitha - nn Tabby

    Nicknames listed would be heavily used.

    I recently put together this list of names that I'd consider giving to actual children IF I was actually pregnant right now: aka my in-all-seriousness list. It's turned out to be far trendier than I would have thought, but I'm definitely leaning towards the more Celtic right now (these are all entirely usable in the UK and v.few are out of the ordinary, so no comments of ''this is unusable'', please!)
    ''On the edge'', probably wouldn't use but would definitely consider in the middle: Titania, Tallulah, Nancy, Lettice (LUH-tees), Gillian, Celeste, Constance, Bibi, Aoife (EE-fah), Amelia.

    Thank you !
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    much love and i are waiting for you;
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    Agnes - still feels a little heavy
    Ailbhe - I like the sound of it and since it's usuable in the UK, it's very cute ( I always get soo confused with these spellings)
    Annabella/Arabella - I prefer Arabella but both are nice
    Beatrix - love the x ending, it makes the name quirky rather than old fashioned
    Betsan/Betsy - not a fan of either
    Clara - LOVE Clah-ra, not so much Clair-uh
    Clementine - I adore Clemen-tyne (pr)
    Eilidh (AY-lee) - sounds like a French trying to say Hayley to me
    Esme (EZ-may) - is beautiful
    Estella - I prefer Estelle but the a ending is also beautiful
    Evangeline/Evelyn - both are nice but I like Evelyn a bit better
    Fenella - sounds like some sorta ointment to me
    Geraldine – nn Deanie - a tad too clunky for my taste
    Imogen - never really liked this one
    Iseabail (pronounced ISH-bel) - I want to say Isabel, which I also prefer soundwise
    Jemima - nice
    Margaret/Margareta - nn Greta - I love Greta on its own much more than her longer versions
    Martha - nice
    Matilda - absolutely gorgeous (I'm biased though)
    Ophelia - is my favourite, I find Ophelia stunning
    Oona - don't really care for Oona, it's lacking something for me to like it
    Rosaline - reminds me of something, a shop, food, something (apart from the name Rosalie)
    Rosemary - I never know which part to emphasize
    Sybilla – nn Billie - I prefer just Billie, Sybilla creates the picture of a stuck up old lady in my head (I never met a Sybilla though)
    Tabitha - nn Tabby - Tabitha is gorgeous, Tabby is not for me
    Thea - I prefer her male counterpart
    Twila - nice

    Nicknames listed would be heavily used.

    Titania - is a bit much IMHO
    Tallulah - never cared for this one Nancy - no
    Lettice - never mind the pronunciation, it still reminds me of Lettuce
    Gillian - don't live the Gill sound
    Celeste - nice
    Constance, Bibi, Aoife (EE-fah) - don't like either though Aoife had a sweet sound
    Amelia - very beautiful but very popular

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    Agnes- I have never been a big fan, it's very unique.
    Ailbhe (AL-vah/El-vah)- Love this one. Celtic I suppose?
    Annabella/Arabella- I prefer Annabelle.
    Beatrix- I think this sounds very smart.
    Betsan/Betsy- I don't really like Betsan, but Betsy is cute.
    Clara- I love Clara, it's one of my favorites.
    Clementine- I love Clementine too. Go for it!
    Eilidh (AY-lee)- I like Eilidh, it's a great, more unique alternative to Hailey.
    Esme (EZ-may) Sounds magical. I like it.
    Estella- I rather Estelle.
    Evangeline/Evelyn- Evelyn is my preference of the two.
    Fenella- Is it strange this reminds me of pasta?
    Geraldine – nn Deanie - I'm not a big fan of this one.
    Imogen- Sounds quirky. Like it!
    Iseabail (pronounced ISH-bel) - I might use Ishbelle or Ishbel spelling. I am not sure if I like this one or not. First time hearing it, in fact.
    Jemima- Where I'm from, it's maple syrup. You know, what you put on pancakes and such. Minus the fact of that, it's a nice name.
    Margaret/Margareta - nn Greta or Meg/Mog I like Margaret. I used to think it was too plain, but now I enjoy it. Greta is the sweetest nickname.
    Martha- I like this one. I know a girl named this, she is really sweet.
    Matilda- I like this one too.
    Ophelia- Shakespeare, correct?
    Oona- I don't think I like this much, not a bad name though.
    Rosaline- It's pretty.
    Rosemary- I have never been a fan of Rosemary.
    Sybilla – nn Billie I like Sybilla better without Billie as a nickname.
    Tabitha - nn Tabby I like Tabitha!
    Thea- I like this!
    Twila- Cool!
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    Thank you both!

    I'll just address a couple of things...
    Iseabail is actually uncommon even in Scotland, but definitely not unheard of. I think I probably would use Ishbel, since it does look so unusual. We don't have the Aunt Jemima issue in the UK haha, but thanks for mentioning it. I like Estelle a lot too, but Estella is for the character in Great Expectations and it just feels a lot more classic. Estelle feels a bit too Spanish for me for some reason.
    Martha, Agnes, Geraldine etc. are pretty heavy, definitely, but that's sort of my style I guess! Martha is really popular in the UK though, and Agnes is growing rapidly too. They're all actually pretty popular, the majority are within the top 1000 anyway.
    much love and i are waiting for you;
    Alec Oberon / Emmett Kielder / Wilfred Fox / Nicholas Ingmar / Baez Jacoby / Hugh Emmanuel

    Alba Madeleine / Ishbel Antigone / Rosemary Oona ''Romy'' / Delphi Agnes / Beatrix Raphaela ''Bunny'' / Sybilla Briar ''Billie''

    olivia, nineteen, filmmaker & future mama
    i have a cat called shura and i live in london

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    Agnes- Agnes is lovely, I really like this.
    Ailbhe (AL-vah/El-vah)- This is unusual to me, but I'm in the US. I really like this.
    Annabella/Arabella- Prefer Annabella of the two, either are lovely.
    Beatrix - Adore Betrix.
    Betsan/Betsy- Betsy is nice, but I dislike the sound of Betsan. I think "Best in show" when I look at it.
    Clara- Adore Clara.
    Clementine- Also adore Clementine.
    Eilidh (AY-lee)- Another name that's odd to my ears, but I don't hate it.
    Esme (EZ-may)- This name is okay, something about it rubs me the wrong way.
    Estella- Have never cared for Stella, Estelle or Estella. Esther is great, though.
    Evangeline/Evelyn- Prefer Evelyn out of the two.
    Fenella- Makes me think of Funnel Cake. This could be great, just not my style.
    Geraldine – nn Deanie- Cute! Geraldine could be hard to pull off.
    Imogen- Really like Imogen.
    Iseabail (pronounced ISH-bel) - I might use Ishbelle or Ishbel spelling.- This is another one that's really strange to me.
    Jemima- I want to love Jemima, but I have a hard time being okay with it. I know it's different in the UK though.
    Margaret/Margareta - nn Greta or Meg/Mog- Love these
    Martha- Like this
    Matilda- Lovely, dislike the nn Mattie (though you didn't indicate that you planned to use a nickname).
    Ophelia- This is on the edge of being unusable, but it depends.
    Oona- Dislike, the sound is a bit goofy to me.
    Rosaline- Though I prefer Rosalind, I like Rosaline too.
    Rosemary- Love this.
    Sybilla – nn Billie- While I prefer simple Sybil, I also really like Sybilla. Dislike Billie.
    Tabitha - nn Tabby- Love Tabitha, strongly dislike Tabby.
    Thea- Very cute!
    Twila- Dislike this.

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