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    names to compliment emmy

    I'd like a Lynn type name to go on the end of Emmy. Like a one syllable name to compliment as a first name.

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    If I'm reading this right, you're looking for a middle name to go with Emmy? Another option would be to do a first name like Emmaline, and then nn Emmy?

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    I love Emmy as a first name (preferably spelled Emmie). I would probably go with Emmie Michelle or Emmie Lorraine. Emmie Elizabeth also sounds nice but the mn Elizabeth basically sounds good with everything. I wish you well
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    I am not really sure what you are asking..

    If you are looking for a name that is the same style as Lynn for a middle name:

    Emmy Rae/Ray
    Emmy Jane
    Emmy Paige
    Emmy Renee
    Emmy Kate

    If you're looking for a name that ends in Lynn, but can get Emmy.

    Emma Lynn

    Really all I cant think of.

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    One syllable middle names for Emmy...

    Emmy Beth
    Emmy June
    Emmy Kate
    Emmy Grace
    Emmy Jean
    Emmy Leigh
    Emmy Paige
    Emmy Quinn
    Emmy Rae
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