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    Names that fit my new character?

    It takes place in a dystopian America where it's not America anymore, she's Japanese-American though neither of those races exist anymore, or they do they just don't have names. She just looks a little more exotic than the rest but that doesn't really factor anything into how people precieve her. I'm just including this so you can kind of get a feel for how she looks. Dark hair, always wears it down because when it's up she feels vulnerable. Average height, weight, so on and so forth.
    When she was thirteen she just stopped talking cold turkey. One day she just had enough of people putting her down and giving her looks whenever she opened her mouth. So now she writes things down on a pad of paper and then she feels like she had more time to think before she speaks (that was always her problem before). She's like the town embarrassment, she's a klutz, she doesn't speak, she's all out odd, she can't seem to make any good friends, and she's obsessed with the "old world". Her brother is her best friend while to him she's a side note. He does love her but he's got his own life to worry about, he's just starting a family. And she knows this, she's used to being a side note. But her good traits are: She has the desire to understand and to help others, She’s the girl who will never leave your side when you need her, The girl who will go out of her way to cheer you up. All you need to do is get her to trust you and that's a hard task.
    Some names i'm considering:

    Any other suggestions and then opinions on the names given.

    So please and thank you.
    (and i had already posted this but someone explained that there was a specific place for a question like this so i closed that one and this is the fresh new one in its rightful place.)

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