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    Andrew or Logan?

    Which do you prefer? I'm loving them both a lot right now!

    Middle would either be Thomas, Jacob or William.

    - If you have any other suggestions too, that would be great! I'm open to anything
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    Neither name is my style but if I had to choose I would go with the classic Andrew. The name is more versatile than Logan (eg. what you call your firstborn child often dictates what style you choose for any future children). Andrew matches with many styles (surnames like Emmett, traditional names like the three middle name choices etc...). Logan is trendy so I think Andrew ages better. Andrew William is not a good options with the back-to-back w's so I would eliminate that one. I like Andrew Thomas and Andrew Jacob in that order.
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    I prefer Logan. Andrew, while classic, is a bit too bland for my taste. Plus you have a classic middle already. I like Logan with all 3 middles. If it weren't for the -an/-An, I would suggest Logan Andrew. Still sounds handsome if that doesn't bother you.
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    I vote for Andrew and it has the delightful nn of Drew. I think Logan is a bit trendy and the intuitive nn of Log is not my style.
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    Thanks everyone! A few points have been made which I agree with, including Logan being trendy and the lack of nickname options. I'll be honest and say that Im not a nickname fan anyway and will probably use the full name at least 80% of the time, but I have really been crushing on the nickname Andy for Andrew (I'm also a fan of Drew). Andrew is also less popular here, so it seems I have more reasons to choose Andrew but I can't seem to let Logan go! I didn't realise that naming could be so difficult, haha!
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