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    Thoughts on changing baby's middle name.

    Hello everyone!

    I had a baby girl in December. During my pregnancy, husband and I, had decided on the first name Clementine with no real prospects for a middle name. I wanted her middle name to have meaning, especially being our first daughter shares a middle name with me and both of my grandmothers, but I just couldn't find anything suitable.

    My mother's name is Ruth and that had crossed my mind several times as a choice, but couldn't pull the trigger on it for whatever reason.

    I was under a lot of stress during her birth, which added to my crazy mommy hormones and I had a terribly difficult time committing to a first and last name. We took her home and a week later, we figured we would just drive to the hospital and pick one of our top two on the way.

    Clementine Pearl or Eloise Pearl were the two contenders, but for some reason, on the way to the hospital, I threw in the option Clementine Clare.

    I had major baby name remorse for about three weeks (for her first and middle name), but after my hormones leveled out a bit, I realized she is a Clementine, I've loved the name all along, it was a top two choice for our first born, and that is set in stone.
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    I think that if you really want to change it, go for it. Clementine Ruth is really pretty and honours your mother. I get it.

    Clementine Clare does have special meaning as well. (Her middle name is Clare right?) You chose Clare after a week of knowing her, and so Clare is special. Yes, it's not a family honouring name, but how many kids can say, "My parents chose my middle name after meeting me because they thought it suited me well"?

    Clementine Ruth carries a certain heavy-ness to it, while Clementine Clare is light and friendly.

    If Clementine Clare really feels wrong though, I would change it. I have no experience changing names or anything, but I don't think it should be too much trouble. It won't affect Clementine really, and it isn't that big a change. It's not like you have to go to your older daughter and say something like, "You've been calling the baby Clementine for 3 months, now we are going to call her Zoe." you know? It's not that big a deal, really just some paper work.

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    Clementine Clare is so cute, but if you want to honor your mother by changing the middle name, I see no reason why not. I don't think that having two birth certificates would be especially inconvenient for her at any point as long as she has access to the most up-to-date one... I rarely associate myself with my middle name, so I don't think it would cause any sort of identity issues for her either (as changing a first name might). If anything, I think it would be a fun story for when she is older. Not everyone has had two middle names. And deciding to honor your mom is a good reason for changing it. No one who heard the story would think twice.

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    I have huge name remorse and my daughters almost 3! Id recommend changing it now if you wish so you can move on and embrace all the joys of having a daughter. I personally love the connection of giving her your mothers middle name. i adore Clementine Ruth. Good luck!

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    Go for it, it's not like she will notice. Better to get it over with now than to continue living with name regret.
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