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    Okay so I was thinking and I was wondering what everyone would name their kids, but it had to be international, depending on where you live.

    For me I like Sanna, Petra, Maja, Katya, Anya, and Merima all for girls. And for boys Soren, Niels, Andreas, Erik, Anders and Olli!

    I would love to hear from all of you and what you would name your international baby!
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    It seems like maybe you mean foreign to where you live, i.e. clearly from a different language/culture to the dominant one in your home country?

    International names are names that can span nations, like you can't necessarily pinpoint where the person comes from just by their name. It totally depends on the nations I'd want the names to span, but think for pure versatility, Maria and Alex are probably hard to beat in terms of European/Western inter-nationality. I assume things get more tricky if you want to cover parts of Asia or Africa as well, though.
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    That is what I mean, I put in the first paragraph foreign depending on where you live. So where I am from you do not see any of these names! So for me these are more foreign European in a sense to me!

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    I live in the States but was born in Spain and my man is Colombian, both of us with an Italian background, so it's important that our names are easy to pronounce in other Latin languages. We both love Theodora, for example, but you don't have a "TH" sound in Spanish or Italian, so they'd pronounce it Teodora (and nickname 'Thea' would be 'Tea'). We're willing to accept this difference, it's not that bad. But for other names it gets more complicated. Charlotte, which I adore, would not translate well (I don't like Carlota.)

    Others on my faves list are ok though. Massimo, Gabriel, Matteo, etc. all work pretty easily in different languages and wouldn't strike most Americans too terribly.
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    Most of my favourites are very tied to the UK, which I love, since my children are most likely going to be 100% British and it's important for me to honour heritage. Having said that, I absolutely love lots of other European names, and so many names from Middle Eastern or Asian cultures too.

    If I ever have a child with a German father her name will be Liesel, no doubt about it. I'm so in love with that name.

    I also love a lot of Spanish and Italian names, so I'm totally fine with having little Spanish/Italian babies too haha! Ramona, Rocio, Rosalba, Lumina, Dolores, Mercedes, Raphaela, Mariposa, Teodora, Emmanuela.

    Oh, and loads of Turkish or Farsi names too. Ipek, Ruya, Parisa. So beautiful.
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