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    Sister for Cressida?

    We had no issue naming Cressida (although, the whole thing with Prince Harry's girlfriend has made laugh). She is two years old and it just fitted from the moment my husband suggested it. The only issue with Cressie was middle names as both my mother and his mother wanted her to be middle named after her. So we eventually decided on Cressida Victoria Josephine.

    We are now in the dilemma of having a list for our daughter (which is foreign to us). This is the list at it's shortest:
    Ingrid Eliza Mathilde
    Margaux Eliza Mathilde
    Bryony Eliza Mathilde
    Petra Eliza Mathilde
    Pier Eliza Mathile (found this name recently and loved it as my grandad is called Pierre)
    Ramona Eliza Mathilde

    Pier is a real contender for me along with Ingrid whereas my husband is really loving Bryony.

    Just wondering what some people think? Suggestions welcomed!

    Quick side note:
    The following names are off limits/ not useable due to close family (cousins, step siblings, siblings on my husband and my side) calling their children it:
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    Pier is cute, maybe Piers would be better? I realize it's a boy's name here, but I actually think it could work as a unisex name. Though, neither name sounds very good in a sibset with Cressida, in my opinion. I do like the Ingrid combo!

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    I think Bryony is the nicest of the names and works well with Eliza Mathilde. Cressida and Bryony sound really great together. I understand wanting to honour your grandfather, but I don't think Pier is the way to do it.
    Names that are similar to Pierre:
    Pietra (How about Petra to honour Pierre?)
    I think Cressida and Pippa would be really cute.
    Or could you use Pier as a middle name?
    Bryony Pier Eliza? Bryony Pier Mathilde?

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    I think Bryony is far and away the best with Cressida. (By the way, Cressida Victoria Josephine is beautiful.) I think Pier is neat way to honor your grandfather, and I see that Petra does that as well, but neither really fit with Cressida. Would you use it as a middle name, perhaps? Or, might a French name be a nice tribute? Something like Angeline, Arabelle, Elodie, Marguerite, or Ottoline? I LOVE Marguerite Eliza Mathilde with Cressida Victoria Josephine - so many nice nickname options, and if you have anyone to honor born in June, it means "pearl" (June's birthstone), so that's fun.
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