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Thread: Lyn??

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    Hey Berries I'm beautifuldreamer- but I was lucycat101, for some odd reason I can't log in to that one.
    Anyways, I'm here to ask for your opinion and expertise. My real name is Ashlyn. I absolutely despise it. My parents were thinking they were real creative when they didn't want to name me Ashley, so they stuck a lyn at the end to honor my godmother Diane Lyn. If I'm completely honest- I think Ashlyn is a bit of a "redneck" name. Think to that part in the movie Ted where the someone says he's dating a "white trash" girl and has the other guy rhyme off names. Finally he asks if it's one of those names with a Lyn at the end. See what I mean? (Btw the name was TammyLyn.)
    So heres my question, what do you think of just Lyn? I mean it's old school and timeless (to me anyways) and I really like the sound of it. But do you?
    For the record, I have tried other nicknames, but to no avail. Ash has an ugly sound to it, I'm my humble opinion. Ashy reminds me of flaky skin... so I've come up with Lyn, and I quite like it.

    So. What do YOU think of Lyn?

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    I think that if you like Lyn, go for it! My mom's friend's name is Lynne and it totally suits her. I think Lynne looks much prettier than Lyn, but of course, it's your call and Lyn is closer to your real name.

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    Thank you

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    If you like Lyn, use it!

    Aislinn (pronounced the same) is a lovely old Irish name. Not trashy at all. I definitely prefer this spelling, because Ashlyn looks a little trendy to me, but it's a little too complicated here. Just thought I'd mention that.
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    I think Ashlyn is actually a very nice name! Trendy, sure, but I don't associate it with being redneck at all. That said, Lyn is a nice nickname option. A friend of mine named Ashley actually goes by Ally so you could try that also.

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