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    Nicknames for Jordan?

    Hey! My name is Jordan (and I'm a girl) and I hate my name. It's not feminine to me at all, and doesn't suit me. I'm trying to change my name when I move away at the end of the year, but I'm not sure what to! I figured a nickname for Jordan that gets as far away form Jordan as possible would be great!

    Any ideas?

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    also considering...
    Anna Soleil. Jane Leonora. Rose Evangeline.
    Annevieve Claire Claudia Cressida Evangeline Guinevere Gwyneira Leora Marguerite Susan
    Atlas August Darcy Donovan Edmund Jasper Jude Loren Theoden Vaughn Willem Winston

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    Hm, the only nicknames I can think of are Jordy, Jord and Jori... you could even go with Dani. I used to know a girl with a more feminine version of Jordan, Jordanne.
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    I have a 10 year old neighbour who is a Jordyn - we call her Jojo.

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    One of my best friends is a Jordan who goes by Josci (jo-see). Jay, Jory or Danny are also good suggestions.

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