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    Still looking for a name

    I thought I had a name all picked out - Dashiell, nn Dash. But then a friend shortened Dash to D, which I really, really, really hate. Dash is already a nickname and it's only four letters! Why shorten it even more?

    So, since nobody gets a say in what people use as a nickname, I've pretty much decided that nicknameable names are out. If I could find one I really liked, then maybe. But honestly, I mostly hate nicknames anyway.

    So now I need new boys names. And I can't find any I really like.

    Some I kinda like are:








    But none of them quite fit.

    So any suggestions?

    Oh, and the middle/last names are Wyatt Henshaw, so it needs to go with that. I kind of like the name Anton, but Anton Wyatt Henshaw/Anton Henshaw sounds just awful. The repeating n sounds just wreck it.

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    Well, any name on earth can be reduced to just an initial. I think the chances of the whole world suddenly calling your little Dashiell 'D' are very slim- unless your son himself requests it when he's 13 or so, and then it's out of your hands.

    Honestly, with two syllable Wyatt & Henshaw I think Dashiell sounds by far the best of the names on your list. I would stick with your original instincts and go for it. Dashiell is romantic and literary; Wyatt is a little bit cowboy. Together they make a great balance.

    (And if you want to avoid terrible nicknames, definitely cross KILLian off your list).
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    None of these seen to have obvious nicknames:

    Also, I agree with blade. Dashiell is wonderful! You shouldn't worry about D becoming a nn unless he wants it to be.

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    blade: Yeah, that's pretty much why I haven't picked Killian. I like it, but.... it just doesn't quite work.

    oiseau: Yeah, it's true, any name can be reduced to the first letter. But I'm also kind of just hating D names right now because I have a D name and my sister called me D when we were kids and I don't talk to her anymore so it's just sort of... rife with bad memories.

    Jude - I kinda like this one. I think I'll add it to the list.

    Parker - I partly like this one 'cause of Peter Parker, but I also can't help but think of it as a girl's name 'cause one of my favorite shows when I was younger had a girl character named Parker.

    Kieran - This one keeps bouncing on and off my list. I like it, but I'm not so sure about the meaning "little dark one".

    Levi - There was a kid in my elementary school/high school named Levi. He was a jerk.

    Shane - Shane. Like the L word. Nope.

    Conor - This one I really like!

    Hugo - This is cute, but like Jacob/Jake, I think it doesn't really grow up very well.

    Leo - Nope. Nope. Nope. Can't do it. Wyatt is picked for Wyatt Halliwell, from Charmed. And Wyatt Halliwell was named for Leo Wyatt. So... that's just a little too much, I think.

    Oliver - Cute, and another superhero name! But... it's so popular! (It's honestly why Wyatt isn't going to be the first name.Too popular.)

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