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    Quote Originally Posted by lexiem View Post
    Yeah I’d like an idea/sample of names that you and your husband like for a better understanding of what your styles are. I promise I’ll be back with ideas later.
    Please see our previous comment, I have posted a list there

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    Quote Originally Posted by lemon View Post
    So, I'm going off of your above post:

    Stella - Use Estella as a long form, Stella as a nickname? Also, Essa, Essie, Estee, or Esme?
    Genevieve - Evie is an adorable nickname, love this one. Genevieve Margaret W. is lovely.
    Lola - This sounds like a first name you would like, but try it as a nickname for Eloise to appease hubby!
    Millie - You could use this for Matilda as well... (Matilda/Tilly)
    Penelope - Can be shortened to Pen, Penny, Nell, Nellie, or Poppy!
    Emmy - It looks like all Emily variants are off the table, so no Emmeline?
    Susanna(h) - Zanna is very chic, and Sanna is lovely, too. Cute Sosie is spunky and fresh, as is Sunny! Like this name.
    Gwendolen - Well, you could use Gwen, Gwennie, Wendy, Dolly? I've long loved Gwendolen.
    Hazel - No real nicknames, but a nice name. Doesn't really seem "you" based on your little list.

    Others you might consider:

    Cordelia - Coco as a nickname! Or Cora, Delia, Lia.
    Dorothea - Dot is spunky, Dottie is cute, but Thea is elegant and fun.
    India - A quintessential quirky classic, and very Brit chic. Indie as a nickname is fabulous.
    Cecelia - Cece, Celia, Lia, Celie, or even Ciel work as nicknames for this pretty classic.
    Abilene - Comfy Abby as a nickname, but also vintage Billie or ladylike Lena.
    Coraline - Coco, Cora? Cute as can be, but fun, spunky, charming.
    Jessamine - A vintage name with so much pizazz! Jess, Jessa, Jessie, Minnie...
    Sarita - A Sarah spin-off. Sara, Sari?
    Mariel - Romantic and charming. Mare, Mari, Marie, Elle.
    Stella is a name that we have both agreed we wouldn't use a nickname for; we both surprisingly like it just as Stella with no other full name/nickname.

    I'm weary about Eloise since we are possibly considering Louise as a middle name. Things aren't looking good so we're probably going to axe it as a middle name and I would feel weird using it in a first name. Any other full names for Lola?

    We don't really like Matilda for "Millie", not sure why but it just doesn't work for us

    Poppy is a nickname I like but my husband isn't really sold on it. Not really liking the others, are there any other nicknames?

    Em- names aren't necessarily off the table but I just think names beginning with Em lack spunk/spark. Emmeline is nice and probably our best option but it just doesn't sound special to me.

    I really love the sound of Zanna (Sanna just doesn't have the same effect to me) and my husband likes the classiness of Susanna so that's probably our top choice right now (not liking Sosie, too strange in sound for me, or Sunny)

    We don't like Gwen/Gwennie/Wendy/Dolly for Gwendolyn/Gwendolen Any other nicknames?

    I'm surprised myself that I like Hazel, and that's another name were we agreed to nickname/full name!

    We like:

    Cordelia "Delia" (husband refuses to use Coco at all, sounds like a dog name to him)
    "Dottie" and "Thea" (but don't like Dorothea)

    I also LOVE LOVE LOVE India but my husband hates it
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    Quote Originally Posted by citygirl View Post
    Please see our previous comment, I have posted a list there
    Yeah somehow it didn’t load till after I posted so I went back and made suggestions on page 2. Sorry for the mishap - dumb internets.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lexiem View Post
    Yeah somehow it didn’t load till after I posted so I went back and made suggestions on page 2. Sorry for the mishap - dumb internets.
    That's okay, I totally understand! I have issues with our internet/computer often!

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