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    Just realized I missed this on my last comment:

    We are warming up to the names Felicity, Elsa, and Charlotte but not totally sure on them yet

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    Lola could be a nn for Penelope - a little bit of a stretch but not unheard of... since you like both.
    “Millie”: this is my cousins nn and her full name is Camilla.
    Penelope: I like Penny, and Lola best.
    “Emmy” - Does Emmeline work? Emmerson?
    Gwendolyn/Gwendolen: Wendy, Gwen, Lynn, Gwyn, Winnie
    Coco: also my cousin’s nn - twin sister of Camilla- her full name is Constance.
    Rebecca - nn Bex would be cute and modern.
    Elizabeth could be nn Elsa or Elsie

    Since you like Paloma how about: Mariposa nn Posy or Zenobia nn Zee or Bee, even Noa

    Also: Pearl, Isobel, Minerva nn Minnie (as you like Millie), Violet, Viola, Isla, Aurelia nn Leah or Elia, Wren, Willow, Teagan, and Flora/Fleur
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    So, I'm going off of your above post:

    Stella - Use Estella as a long form, Stella as a nickname? Also, Essa, Essie, Estee, or Esme?
    Genevieve - Evie is an adorable nickname, love this one. Genevieve Margaret W. is lovely.
    Lola - This sounds like a first name you would like, but try it as a nickname for Eloise to appease hubby!
    Millie - You could use this for Matilda as well... (Matilda/Tilly)
    Penelope - Can be shortened to Pen, Penny, Nell, Nellie, or Poppy!
    Emmy - It looks like all Emily variants are off the table, so no Emmeline?
    Susanna(h) - Zanna is very chic, and Sanna is lovely, too. Cute Sosie is spunky and fresh, as is Sunny! Like this name.
    Gwendolen - Well, you could use Gwen, Gwennie, Wendy, Dolly? I've long loved Gwendolen.
    Hazel - No real nicknames, but a nice name. Doesn't really seem "you" based on your little list.

    Others you might consider:

    Cordelia - Coco as a nickname! Or Cora, Delia, Lia.
    Dorothea - Dot is spunky, Dottie is cute, but Thea is elegant and fun.
    India - A quintessential quirky classic, and very Brit chic. Indie as a nickname is fabulous.
    Cecelia - Cece, Celia, Lia, Celie, or even Ciel work as nicknames for this pretty classic.
    Abilene - Comfy Abby as a nickname, but also vintage Billie or ladylike Lena.
    Coraline - Coco, Cora? Cute as can be, but fun, spunky, charming.
    Jessamine - A vintage name with so much pizazz! Jess, Jessa, Jessie, Minnie...
    Sarita - A Sarah spin-off. Sara, Sari?
    Mariel - Romantic and charming. Mare, Mari, Marie, Elle.
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    Quote Originally Posted by emitheduckling View Post
    We're so-so on Emmeline, don't have many strong feelings for it but it's probably our best option for "Emmy" (I just find it lacking a little spunk/spark). Also, did you mean Margaret rather than Margot? Margot isn't one of our middle name options and we don't want to change the names since they are after family members

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