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    Another Name the babies! G2 Results (jinglebelldaisy)

    Family 1 - The Bennet Family
    DW: Lully Belleflower
    DH: Mickey Sage
    Aunt:Viola Rey "Vi"
    Uncle: Richard

    Cousin 1:Maxwell Graham (smaugthestupendous)
    DD: Rosie Azalea (opheliaflora)
    DS: Kit Caraway (claraowinoswald)
    Cousin 2:Cole Walker(peachysmiles)
    DD: Becca Marigold (invisiblestudent)
    DS:Dash Turmeric (peachysmiles)
    Cousin 3:Lila Murphy(123names)

    Family 2 - The Redding Family

    DW: Lissie Ava
    DH: Roan James

    DD: Morgan Alyssa (little.lottie7)
    DD: Rosamund Avery (little.lottie7)
    DS: Caspian Andrew (bowtiful)
    DD:Baylor Amelia(123names)
    Morgan's H:Epic(peachysmiles)
    Rosamund's H:Whistler(riannefox)

    Family 3 - The Smith Family

    DW: Meret Vissia
    DH: Loyal Rafael

    DS: Valor Christian (opheliaflora)
    DD: Prudence Eve (jem)
    DS: True Cross (peachysmiles)
    DS/DD: Prosper Solomon(smaugthestupendous) and Amity Faith(smaugthestupendous)

    Family 4 - The Quatrasette Family

    DW: Cressida Helene
    DH: Hugh Ronin

    AD1: Reese Melisande(riannefox)
    AD2: Olive Raziela(peachysmiles)
    AD3:Annabel Ruby(emitheduckling)
    DS: Harvey Alexander (invisiblestudent)
    AS1:Weston Jude "West" (emitheduckling)
    DD: Corliss Janine (riannefox)
    AS2/AD4:Tyler Gage(peachysmiles) and Elena Vivette(fantastique)
    DS/DS/DD: Abbot Henry , Alton Nate, and Avia Leonie (laceyharkins/laceyharkins/emitheduckling)

    Family 5 - The Wilson Family

    DW: Sophronia Taylor
    DH: Leo Nathaniel

    DD: Avalon Silkie "Ava" (peachysmiles)
    DS/DD: Benedict Ace "Ben" and Bohemia Maisy "Mia" (jem/shanade213)
    DD: Rafaella Annie "Ella" (bb)
    ATD/ATD: Clover Lissie Raine "Chloe"(peachysmiles) and Galilea Elizabeth Blue "Lily"(riannefox)
    DAS: Quilliam Colt Negasi "Liam"(peachysmiles)

    Family 6 - The Tolle Family

    DW: Liv Mireya
    DH: Jai Orion

    ADS:Hēi’àn Qíshì "Hero" (peachysmiles)
    DS: Buddy Alaric (123names)
    DD: Coco Siobhan Sage (bb)
    DD:Honey Kai Kirsten(123names)
    Hero's puppy:Lady (smaugthestupendous)
    Buddy's puppy:Snoopy(peachysmiles)
    Lady's Litter: Joss, Austen, Saoirse, Niamh, Hershy, Twix, and Ruth(fantastique)

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