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    Names you consider "timeless"

    I was reading the baby name wizard book and the section about timeless names sparked my interest. Basically she classifies a name as timeless if when you hear it, you don't know if the person is one, 20, 50, or 100.
    The list is diverse and spans popularity because some timeless names have been more popular than others (think Jacob, Alexander, Samuel, Benjamin, James, William, etc).
    As a Michelle from the 70s/80s, I now firmly have a mom name as other parents/teachers I work with have similar names that you never hear on children (Jennifer, Kim, Lori, Jessica, Stephanie, Katie, etc).
    I like timeless names because I don't want my child to have a name associated with a decade, as I do.
    A couple names on the list caught my eye:
    Do you consider them timeless? Are they classics that are currently popular now, like Lucas, Henry, Levi, Ezra?
    Also, both Elliott and Emmett don't have nicknames and Ellie or Em are way too femme for a boy.
    My son is Charles, nn Charlie. Charles is timeless which I love, I also like that there are nickname options and Charles is all man, nothing feminine about it.
    What other names are similar/fit that description, and what do you think of those 'e' names above?

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