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    Thoughts on my current list!

    Haven't been on in awhile because I've been so busy, but let me know what you think of my most current list!
    Fia Scarlet
    Thea Adeline
    Rorie Maeve / Rorie Mae
    Fallyn Elise
    Isla Brave
    Leighton Iris (lay-ton)
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    Fia Scarlet: Cute! I prefer Fia to Mia, but I fear it won't age well.

    Thea Adeline: Has vintage charm, but isn't unwearable. I quite like this combo!

    Rorie Maeve / Rorie Mae: I prefer Maeve with Rorie. Seems less filler.

    Fallyn Elise: Fallyn isn't my cup of tea.

    Isla Brave: Adorable, I love Isla. Brave is an interesting middle.

    Leighton Iris: Leighton is all boy to me, don't like it.

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    Fia Scarlet - not really my style, but it's pretty.
    Thea Adeline - cute. I love Adeline.
    Rorie Maeve / Rorie Mae - Rory Maeve is beautiful. Rory Mae sounds a bit too hill billy for me.
    Fallyn Elise - not a fan of Fallon, but I do like this combo.
    Isla Brave - I like Isla. Not too sure about brave though. Isla Maeve maybe?
    Leighton Iris (lay-ton) - adorable!
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    Fia Scarlet - Fia isn't really my style, but I love Scarlet in the middle spot.
    Thea Adeline - I usually don't like short first names, but Thea is an exception. Love the whole thing.
    Rorie Maeve / Rorie Mae - I agree that Rorie Mae is a bit too close to Ellie May for comfort. Rory is only one letter off from my name. I would definitely go with the -ie spelling because apparently, as I have learned from experience, is more easily recognized as feminine than the -y spelling. I like Maeve in the second spot. I think it is the perfect length. From experience, it is good to have a feminine middle with unisex names so you can easily show gender over email etc.
    Fallyn Elise - Fallyn is nms, but I know a Fallyn who really likes her name and the flow of the two together is really good.
    Isla Brave - love Isla (hate that it is so popular). I actually think brave sounds really good with it as well, and this is coming from someone who seriously avoids word names.
    Leighton Iris (lay-ton) - Iris doesn't sound quite right to me. I think a middle with a softer first sound would work better.

    The reason I usually don't like short first names is because they don't have nicknames and I always wanted one. I also always wanted a more formal name. But I think you are right on with the length and vibe of your middles. I could easily see someone using both names without it sounding awkward.

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    Fia Scarlet - Love it!
    Thea Adeline - Not my favorite. Though both names separate I like (although I do prefer Adelaide to Adeline!)
    Rorie Maeve / Rorie Mae - I like Maeve more than Mae
    Fallyn Elise - This is just okay
    Isla Brave - Love Brave! I also like, just like, Isla. I have Isla Noor on my *maybe* list
    Leighton Iris - I like this with Rory but I feel like having 2 sisters Leighton and Fia or Leighton and Isla would just be unfair! (is that just me??)
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