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  • Harvey

    15 28.30%
  • Logan

    13 24.53%
  • Connor

    17 32.08%
  • Lawson

    3 5.66%
  • Joseph

    26 49.06%
  • Rhett

    20 37.74%
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    Feedback on my favourites?

    It's now been confirmed that I'm expecting a baby boy at the end of July \o/ so I'd love some feedback on my favourite names. Harvey is definitely first right now, followed by Logan, with the others rounding out the list.

    Middle name will be my mother's maiden name (starts with a C) and the last name starts with an N.

    Expecting a baby boy in late July 2014!

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    I like Joseph and Rhett. Harvey is very cute as well.

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    Congratulations on your son! Since his middle name will be a surname, I would avoid a first with a surnamey vibe; otherwise you run the risk of 'law firm syndrome.'

    Harvey: unpretentious. I have to admit I think of imaginary rabbits.

    Logan: a popular choice, cheerful, but a surname

    Connor: also very popular, so much so that it's lost its original Irish flair

    Lawson: way too surnamey; also feels invented

    Joseph: classic, timeless and handsome

    Rhett: inextricably linked to the literary character, but dashing and romantic

    My favorites are Joseph, Rhett and Connor.
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    Harvey - LOVE. It has a clunky-cool vibe and would fit it with classmates with names like Henry and Theodore.
    Logan - Like it, but I would avoid a name that ends in N, since your surname starts with that.
    Connor - I used to love the name, but I've heard it way to much lately.
    Lawson - See Logan.
    Joseph - Good, solid name.
    Rhett - I like this one a lot. It has a dash or charm, and it's not overdone.
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    If the mn is going to be a surname and the last name begins with an "N", I would avoid surnames that end in "n" (eg. Logan). I like Harvey and I think of it more of a saint's name rather than a surname. I also think Joseph would be lovely for a first name. Rhett would be my third choice.
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